Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. presents a range constant filling fluid couplings

Guangzhou, 01 September 2014: Machines have transformed the way work is carried out by both households and industries. They have simplified the operations and have made it much easier for us to perform difficult tasks in a matter of hours or a few days. However, in order to keep these machines running, it is important that proper maintenance is done on a regular basis. Fluid couplings are one of the essential elements which are used for preventing machines to overheat and offer protection. They are also used for increasing the longevity of these machines and ensure that big investment on them are well substantiated. It is important to note that there are various suppliers of these fluids. It thus makes it more than important to buy them from reliable suppliers.

One supplier which is based in Guangzhou and is involved in the manufacture of fluid coupling, speed couplings, torque converters, Fluid coupling spare parts, and constant filling fluid coupling, is Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. The company has a rich experience for developing, producing and selling these fluids to customers from across the world. They are located in Tanbu Industrial Zone, which is within the Hua Du District of the Guangzhou City. For checking out the products which the company offers to customers from both within and outside the country, customers can check the website. The website offers all the information about the production offer with relevant specifications. It has been well-categorized and distributed to help the customers check for products they are in search of.

The site also provides a detailed section for application of the products they offer, their practical uses and case studies to help the customers understand the use of their products. Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. has been operating in the industry for over 40 years and is currently headed by Ms Li Yanfang. The company has been updating itself with the latest machinery and equipment over the years. At the moment their aluminum casting shop is 2000m in area. The shop is equipped with low pressure casting and resin sand casting technology.

Its machining shop is spread across an area of 2500m and has the capacity of high accuracy CNC, machining and milling. In a recent addition a few years back the company had opened up the assembly shop which is equipped with 5 test stands and is spread across 2500m. The production process is carried under strict supervision and the quality control measures has helped the company build a reputation for its business over the years. The company also offers people an opportunity to do business by becoming a fluid coupling agent on behalf of the company.

About Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. is a company which is located in the city of Guangzhou and is involved in the manufacture and export of various kinds of hydraulic equipment. It has its own manufacturing and assembling unit and caters to the needs of clients from across the world.

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