India, 03rd June 2014 - Anyone, whether a foreigner or an Indian, who has travelled in India will agree that travelling in this country can be quite chaotic. This is especially so if the person is going around by road using public transportation. One reason is that there is a great deal of pressure on transport infrastructure which is no surprise given the immense population of the country. Another reason is that information about India bus routes is often not easily available, making it very difficult for people to make travel plans.

The internet makes our life easy since it provides us with information as and when it is necessary. A website called OneFiveNine is an initiative to make sense of the sometimes chaotic bus services available in different parts of this country. A person who wants Bangalore bus routes, or any other city’s bus routes for that manner, can easily log into this website from a PC or smartphone to get the desired information. The site also gives a lot more information that helps the traveler. For instance, a person looking for Hyderabad bus routes can also use the site to find out places of local interest in that city.

The information provided on this website is absolutely accurate and so it is able to attract lots of visitors. After all, people need to get the correct information about Chennai bus routes before planning to travel to that city or else they will waste a great deal of time and effort trying to get there. It is no surprise that OneFiveNine has managed to work its way up to being one of India’s most popular websites.

This website offers a lot of information apart from Delhi bus routes or any other cities routes. It also has a distance calculator, local weather conditions and temperature, bank codes and the like, all of which are bound to be needed at one time or the other. The information on the site is updated very frequently and it is also taken from impeccable sources. This is definitely a good example of how modern technology can be used to make people’s lives easy. Worrying about how to get all these information? Well, you just need to log on to the website at Visit now!

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