The call center solutions, PABX systems, the VoIP solutions that are designed by uThetha has empowered even small business houses to set up their own call center within their office.No need to outsource or hire the services of an external call center for offering customer care service to your clients around the globe. Now you have your call center within your office to serve your clients round the clock.

With the PABX systems, the telephone connections will be all the more organized. None of your clients’ calls will go unattended neither they will be complaining of call drops. Conference calls and long distance calls are now all the more effortless and cheap.

Uthetha has made small business houses in South Africa and all around the world really powerful. These business houses now have a platform from where they can aim much higher.Thanks to uThetha.

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About Uthetha
uThetha is a one-stop telecommunication shop that caters to the telecommunication requirement of the small, medium and large business houses. They offer exclusive telecom consultations, call center and PABX solutions for corporate.

uThetha is an owner managed business that came into existence in the year 2005. Since then,they have taken the ownerships of all telecommunication related problems of their customers. The experts in uThetha toil round the clock to design telecom solutions that bring down the cost of calls. All their solutions are future proof and reliable. They are undoubtedly the leaders in the field of telecommunication system integration.

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