Use CRM Plugin From Banckle to Insert Contact Form on Your WordPress Websites and Generate Leads

Banckle.CRM plugin for WordPress allow users to insert contact form on their website to capture contacts and generate leads which will go straight into Banckle account so that you will not miss any lead.

Contact form is a very easy way for website owners to get in touch with their users without giving out their personal email address. Banckle.CRM App has released crm plugin for WordPress sites which will create a firm integration between their WordPress installation and Banckle.CRM account. This plugin allows user to add contact form on any page of their WordPress site and generate leads which will go straight into their Banckle.CRM account which is a lot easy from copy pasting lead info hence no more missing leads each and every one of them is in their very own Banckle.CRM account for user to follow up. User can easily add crm plugin on their WordPress websites by configuring contact form settings using Banckle.CRM App and inserting widget code on the page where user want to add the contact form.

User can download CRM plugin for WordPress and see the following steps for creating contact capture form using Banckle.CRM App.

  1. Login to their Banckle Account. User can create new Banckle account from here.
  2. Go to Banckle.CRM App from their Dashboard
  3. Click on the down-arrow from top right corner and click Settings option.
  4. Click Contact Form option from left navigation panel.
  5. Contact Capture Form section is shown.
  6. Enter desired form name in Contact Form Name field.
  7. Select the fields users will be required to fill in on the form in Selected Required Fields panel. These fields will be marked as required for users and could not be left empty.
  8. Enter the user user wish to assign new business leads in Assign New Lead To field.
  9. Click on Save to finish creating the contact capture form.
  10. Scroll down to view the auto-generated link coding for the contact capture form user created.
  11. Select the link code to copy it. User can paste this code between <body> tags of their webpage source HTML to view it on their website.


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Banckle CRM Application allows user to manage all of their CRM tools in one place. Banckle CRM provides user easy online customer relationship management (CRM) tools for busy and dispersed teams. Stay in touch with colleagues and customers, manage tasks and view the pipeline, all in one place. Get a real time picture of their business, right on their web based CRM application dashboard. See instant updates about the total pipeline value, sales teams' activities and customer communication. View personalized to-do task list for every team member, keeps everyone focused and gets things done.

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