ProxyInspector 3.6 Supports Sophos UTM, Improves Squid Proxy Support


ADVSoft announces the release of ProxyInspector 3.6, the company´s flagship solution for analyzing Internet usage in corporate networks. Version 3.6 adds support for Sophos UTM, a universal threat management solution marketed by Sophos to replace the now discontinued Microsoft Forefront TMG. In addition, ProxyInspector 3.6 re-implements support for Squid caching proxy, now supporting Squid logs in all standard and custom formats.


With Microsoft Forefront TMG being long discontinued, more ex-Microsoft customers are turning to third-party solutions to secure their networks. In post-TMG world, Sophos has taken the liberty to market a unified threat management solution aimed specifically at ex-TMG users. Matching everything ever included in TMG feature by feature and throwing in a handful extras, Sophos UTM offers easy deployment, convenient management and excellent performance compared to the aged TMG platform. No wonder that many Microsoft TMG users are upgrading to Sophos UTM.

For ADVSoft, supporting third-party solutions such as Sophos UTM becomes top priority since Microsoft had announced the discontinuation of Forefront TMG. More and more loyal Microsoft customers are turning to solutions such as Sophos Universal Threat Management (UTM) every day to manage and safeguard their network infrastructure. For this reason, ADVSoft considers supporting major third-party solutions such as Sophos UTM to be a major addition to ProxyInspector, and a great value to its customers.

Re-Implementing Squid Support

In addition to supporting Sophos UTM, ProxyInspector 3.6 re-implements support for Squid caching proxy. In this release, ProxyInspector recognizes, parses and reports on Squid-produced log files in all standard and custom formats, enabling administrators to analyze and control outside traffic generated by the company´s employees during their business hours.

About ADVSoft ProxyInspector

ADVSoft ProxyInspector helps employers improve employee productivity and responsibility by monitoring and reporting on their online activities. Supporting all major proxy servers, ProxyInspector can analyze their logs in order to help network administrators control Web resources visited by employees during their paid hours, detect social networking activities, analyze searches, detect and prevent leaks of sensitive information.


More information about the company is available at

About ADVSoft

Established in 1998, ADVSoft has become a leader in the area of Internet monitoring and control systems. Developing tools for analyzing, controlling and logging Internet traffic, the company delivers solutions helping companies improve employee productivity, prevent data theft and control Internet traffic within and outside their corporate networks. ADVSoft products are used by thousands customers all over the world. ADVSoft products make it easy to optimize network performance while improving the loyalty and responsibility of your employees. Since 2004, ADVSoft is enjoying the Microsoft Certified Partner status.

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