QArea team is visiting the 9th annual PHP UK Conference in London to share ideas about php.

PHP enthusiasts are gathering in London for PHP UK Conference

London, UK, 21-22nd of February 2014 PHP UK Conference

The event will take place in The Brewery, London. The Brewery is a magic place with unique surroundings and perfect creative atmosphere.

Main issues:

The conference will cover the latest and newest trends in PHP technologies and trends of today. It will unite awesome PHP Community once again for the annual PHP UK conference in the city of London. This conference is going to be 9th and the most exciting PHP UK ever known.

The conference will be held for 2 days and will have great speakers. The aim of the conference is to deliver modern content about PHP and other web technologies.

Speakers from different countries will take part in this event to share their experience and knowledge. It is going to be very informative event.

Many young but still talented and experienced developers will be in the conference to share their experience and knowledge. Around 30 skilled and dedicated reporters will present their reports there. Topics to be discussed: PHP 5.NEXT: The New Bits, Caching Best Practices, Profiling PHP Applications, etc.

QArea participating in the event

QArea is sending PHP representatives to contribute their knowledge and share their experience. It is a lucky chance for any team to take part in such event. QArea team is going to involve in this event, meet and collaborate with people and to learn something new in the field of PHP technologies.

QArea ( as a leading representative of software development in Ukraine has met the huge growth in the past 12 years and now the company has global offices and staffing more than 250 software development experts.

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