4Design Software, a professional company that focus on quick rendering tool of decoration materials, release new function of 3D paving which can auto paving building materials (wallpaper, carpet, curtain etc.) along the complex structures such as stair and windows.

4Design is a tool mainly used for decoration material manufacturers and distributors to display intuitive effect of their products in real rooms. “In early versions, if you want to pave the building materials in complex structures, you need to carefully select the area. For example, put carpet in a stair, you need to select each step separately and pave the carpet materials into each step.” said Sanders Zhao, the R&D team leader in 4Design.

The new software version which released in July 25 perfectly solves the problem. “Now you can select the whole are of the place where you want to pave the material and simply drag the material in to the select area. Choose 3d map function, then the software can automatic adjust the material to suit the landscape.” Sanders Zhao introduce the new function of 3D paving.

The new version also solves some bugs such as the graphic dislocation in tile design module and uneven brightness in curtain rendering module. “The future R & D direction is to make the rendering effect more realistic.” said Sanders Zhao, “we will try our best to improve the performance of the software and make it easier to use.”

More details about 4design software can be seen from its official site: http://www.4design.cn/en/. 

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