Over all these years, Markupcloud Ltd. has been recognized as one of the global leaders in markup conversion services. The company has its clients spread across the globe. Recently, Markupcloud Ltd. announced a guaranteed reduction in website's bounce rate on choosing HTML to WordPress theme conversion services. Equipped with best in-class markup conversion infrastructure, the company has been successful in delivering unmatched HTML to WordPress conversion services with highest quality standards, without compromising on the turnaround time. During the press conference, Markupcloud's renowned spokesperson told the media “The sole aim of every professional working with Markupcloud Ltd. is to deliver 100% result-oriented markup conversion services. With our HTML to WordPress conversion, we guarantee a noticeable reduction in the website's bounce rate. All our clients who order for this markup conversion service will be provided a stats report which will reveal the reduction( in percentage) of their website's bounce rate. With this add-on feature, we seek to become the number one choice of HTML website owners who are lagging behind due to a plain, feature-less website.” Key features of Markupcloud Ltd's HTML To WordPress conversion service include: Effective Website Management- By switching from HTML to WordPress, you can expect a website that can be managed by investing a lesser amount of time and efforts. Whether it is adding new web pages, editing or deleting the existing ones, WordPress allows you to manage all your pages in a hassle-free manner. Support for multiple languages- WordPress community has launched an array of plugins and extensions that support multilingual blogs, posts and pages on WordPress powered websites. With Markupcloud's HTML to WordPress conversion service, you receive a website that can be made available in a variety of languages spoken in different corners of the world. Typographically advanced website- Unlike the traditional fonts such as Arial, Verdana and Georgia, WordPress comes with a wide range of advanced web typography. The fonts available with WordPress are well suited for decorating websites for an eye-catchy visual appearance. Effortless Social Media Integration- Considering all the hype that's been created by social media platforms, it is recommended to integrate a website with social media for enhanced performance. When you order for Markupcloud's HTML to WordPress service, you receive a website that can well be integrated with all the leading social media platforms. WordPress comes with a whole lot of advanced social media integration tools that make it easy for you to add a social media tint to your website. As a client, it becomes simpler for you to employ links, tweets, videos, audios etc. into your blogs/pages. 30 Days Project Support- Markupcloud Ltd. renders a 30 days project support on all markup conversion services including HTML to WordPress conversion. With this add-on feature, the clients can rest assured of the fact that whenever they tend to face any issue(s) regarding their website, they can expect a friendly response from the company. The professionally qualified team of WordPress developers will be there round-the-clock answering all queries of clients whose projects have already been delivered to them in a flawless manner. Here, the questions can be related to the technical incompetencies that tend to crop in for the website. Markupcloud Ltd. understands the significance of a reduced bounce rate and it is due to this concern that the company is promising its clients a 100% downfall in the bounce rate upon choosing HTML to WordPress conversion service. With a team of professionally trained WordPress developers on-board, the company follows a “Never Say NO” approach by never neglecting a HARD or BIG project. So, if you too have a markup conversion requirement in hand, do consider hiring the company's services for an enhanced website that delivers the expected results. To learn more about the company's services.
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