Mackeen Information Systems highlights key benefits of its Document Management Solutions for healthcare sector

Comprehensive document management system facilitates quick, safe & cost-effective handling of medical data

March 10, 2014

Mackeen Information Systems, a subsidiary of Mackeen Technology, has announced that its Medical Document Management Solution – a comprehensive archiving and document management system – facilitates quick and reliable access to medical data retrievable at any stage and from any location. The system helps healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and imaging centres maximize efficiency and minimize cost and risk.   

The Medical Document Management Solutions by Mackeen Information Systems will enable healthcare services providers to scan and upload both computer generated and handwritten documents onto a computer system, making it available immediately via line-of-business systems, the internet or desktop. The instant access to information it offers eliminates the tedious process of searching for physical files and stacking them back after use and reduces the amount of required storage space, thus allowing hospitals to utilize their resources for more strategic tasks.

Sameh Abdultawab, Business Unit Manager, Mackeen Information Systems, said: “In the healthcare sector, reliable access to medical data is highly critical, especially during an emergency or for treatment of chronic illness. If the data is archived via a document management system, a healthcare provider, physician or caregiver can access it seamlessly to make quick, informed decisions that can be lifesaving for a patient. Our Medical Document Management Solution will help the healthcare sector improve patient care and clinical workflow by increasing operational efficiency, building transparency, and reducing operating costs.”

Mackeen’s integrated Medical Document Management Solution also offers improved security due to flexible control over sensitive documents that reduces the possibility of data loss. All the documents are centrally stored, with information backed up in offsite storage facility to provide an effective disaster recovery strategy. The other key benefits of the document archiving solution include flexible retrieval and disposal of patient information, policy-based access control, compliance with privacy and regulatory laws, and significant cost reductions.

Mackeen Information Systems is a subsidiary of Mackeen Technology that began delivering complete enterprise technology and system integration solutions in 2010. Mackeen Information Systems offers Archiving and Workflow Solutions, E-form systems. Its core services include Business Consultancy, Business Information Solutions, Documents Management, ATM Management. 

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