Kansas City based IT Company Dataedge Solutions offers cloud backup services

Dataedge Solutions, an IT solutions company based out of Kansas City, are using new technology to help business owners increase productivity and efficiency.
Olathe, KS (release-news) July 1, 2014 - Businesses across the United States have a problem handling their essential business data. Companies are in constant need of protecting important business data to focus on other parts of the company. An IT firm like Dataedge solutions provides cloud backup services in Kansas City to protect business owners across the city.

"Cloud backup is a piece of machinery that backs up data and sends it over a public ISP to an off-site server. Essentially, it is moving the data through a secure pipeline from one location to the other. The server is usually hosted by third-party servers. Cloud Backup in Kansas City would be a great addition for a small business enterprise. Small business owners who are unfamiliar with protecting critical business data can use this service to grow their business," said a spokesperson.

Cloud backup services can be used for a variety of industries from accounting and manufacturing to travel and construction. Dataedge solutions in Kansas City protect clients with over 200 gigabytes of data. Several IT firms can protect data over 50 TB.

Rob Didlake, founder and CEO of dataedge solutions expressed, "Clients who are not IT savvy and want to free up time to focus on other functions of the business make use of cloud backup services. The data is instantly available to the client and have always the right data protected. It is immediately replicated to a secondary data center; constantly running data scrubbers and integrity checkers and providing full product support (all O/S, applications, databases, email and mobile device) so that there is one place to support the entire environment. At this firm, data is irrespective of content. Dataedge aims to solve and protect."

Beverly Williamson of Cartridge Depot and Docink, expressed, "The back-up system is the easiest one I have ever used at a great price for small business owners. Rob Didlake has provided outstanding follow-up service for the business. Any business owner who wants to protect their important data should use dataedge."

About Dataedge Solutions

Dataedge Solutions is the preferred IT partner to any small to enterprise organization to help them solve and protect their most important data. They offer cloud backup services, SAN/NAS storage solutions, backup and restore and enterprise backup appliances in Kansas City.


Dataedge Solutions
Kansas City and Wichita
888-682-6092 x203 - sales
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