There might be occasions where invisible 808nm infrared laser pointers are being used for night version illumination, target pointing in darkness. A new type portable designed 808nm infrared laser pointer with pen design will fulfill all kinds of infrared light source illumination such as medical treatment, military targeting and shooting, enemy supervision, outside night version infrared laser illumination etc. 


What is difference between 808nm IR laser and common visible laser?


Beam visibility is an obvious characteristic between two types of laser pointers. 808nm infrared laser pointer emits invisible beam to human naked eyes, thus human has no detection of this kind of IR laser unless the feel of thermal energy projecting during its pointing. For instance, night version infrared thermal imager is able to capture human image on basis of temperature of human bodies. Completely different from invisible IR laser, visible light laser devices including red, blue, blue violet, yellow, green color laser pointers are emitting highly visible laser light to human eyes. Human eyes will capture the beam color light directly. 


808nm infrared laser pointer has longer wavelength than formal visible lasers. Comparing with common visible lasers among wavelength spectrum from 430nm to 700nm, 808nm IR laser owns loner beam wavelength. Infrared laser light a kind of electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelength from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers. It explains t the reason why some of 808nm infrared laser pointer will be able project a tiny and week red light spot on targeted surfaces even though it is an invisible IR laser. 808nm infrared laser pointer is featured by small width of laser beam, which has made it invisible in common operation environment, only show a small tiny red dot on opaque surface. 


808nm infrared laser pointer is widely applicable in industrial and military fields. Owing to invisible light emitting in atmosphere, 808nm IR laser is playing a completely different part in human daily life. It is mostly used in industrial, scientific, medical treatment, military field etc. For instance, low powered 808nm infrared laser pointer equipped on night vision device will be used for near-infrared illumination which allows people or animal to be observed without being detected. 808nm infrared laser pointer will make high efficiency illumination in all kinds of night vision, target acquisition, homing and tracking, surveillance. 

Safety measures of 808nm infrared laser pointers: The invisible beam pointing has made no people being noticed of IR laser. All people who are operating with an infrared laser should be totally understanding the hazard of IR light, and take active measures whenever holding an 808nm infrared laser pointer in hands. Do be cautious with this invisible beam IR laser and let it be a real night vision tool in operation.

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