With innovative approach and superb technology, Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. has innovated many best in the industry versions of battery systems. Again it takes pride as it launches silicone battery for solar power units.

Solar power cells cannot gather much power during rainy days and solar photovoltaic field gives poor discharges. Silicone battery for solar power units will overcome this problem. The attractive feature this silicone battery boasts for are many and makes it distinguish over traditional solar system power battery. With temperature ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C, this solar system battery can be used for longtime. It also has large energy storage capacity and can run longer.

On comparing with other solar power system battery, we found that it takes only half hour to get charged, making it good for monsoon or cloudy days. Just few minutes of good sunlight and battery is charged. It is durable and can be used even after 4 years without use. It is also hailed as eco friendly, with China recognizing it as a green star project.

The company has launched this high power battery for solar system for retail and exports around the world. The battery has maintenance free characteristics and do not require often charging and discharging. No hydrogen mist formation and hence it is safe. You may find more information about it on company’s website.

About the Company

Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co., Ltd is a battery for UPS manufacturer in China, has integrated technical research and development, production, and marketing service into one. Yuqi mainly offers silicone power battery, backup power battery and starting power battery. Recognized as "green star" products by Chinese state environmental protection bureau, the batteries are in great demand all over the world, such as Japan, Korea, and Germany, etc

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Web: http://www.silicon-battery.com

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