Wellesley, Massachusetts– EPIC software was first created in 1979, and the purpose of it was to help hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions with their day- to-day operations. The medical care industry takes care of millions of patients every year, and every single one of has a medical record, a pharmacy record, and other information that doctors need to be able to not only access, but also manage. Henry Elliott & Company has consultants that are trained in EPIC software. There may be hospitals that have EPIC developer jobs available, and Henry Elliott & Company can provide them with highly qualified candidates that can handle the work.

EPIC software is used by healthcare facilities, but it is also designed to be just as easy for patients to use when they are trying to access their own medical information. EPIC has won awards because of how the software is designed, and the same record that patients see are the same one that their doctors have access to as well. In this day and age, there are cell phone apps that are millions of people use, but EPIC has created an app that physicals can use when they are out of the office to do things like view patient test results, respond to emails, and check on their patient schedules. Sometimes doctors have to be out of their offices, and with EPIC software’s app, they can still get a lot accomplished even if they are not necessarily seeing patients.

EPIC developer jobs are available anywhere in the world, but the problem is filling them with qualified candidates. Henry Elliott & Company has consultants who know about EPIC software, and a lot of other healthcare information software like MUMPS, VistA, and GE (IDX). 

About Henry Elliott & Company


Henry Elliott & Company was started by a man named Ken Wagner, who was working for three different companies working as a Vocational and Rehabilitation Counselor, Account Manager, and Technical recruiter. After working for three different companies for the past eight years, he decided to create his own and named it after his grandfather and father, who were two men that taught him how in importance of hard work and having ethics in the world of business. The goal of Henry Elliott & Company is to provide workers who have the skills and knowledge of the technology industry, and placing those workers with the best companies in the world. Ken Wagner began Henry Elliott & Company in 1992, and since that time he and his associates have placed qualified consultants in healthcare jobs all around the world.

Henry Elliott & Company takes care of the Wellesley, Massachusetts area. The company has an office located at One Washington Street, Suite 208, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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There are many ways that people can contact Henry Elliott & Company. At their website, which is http://www.henryelliott.com/, people can find contact information, and the three ways to get in touch with them are by email, phone, or fax:


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