Future Electronics Shares How to Run IR’s Split-Phase Induction Motor with Three-Phase Inverter

Future Electronics along with International Rectifier, is sharing helpful information on how to run a split-phase induction motor with a three-phase inverter.

Pointe Claire, Quebec (release-news) August 28, 2014 - Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, along with International Rectifier, is sharing helpful information on how to run a split-phase induction motor with a three-phase inverter.

A motor control IC is a convenient way to implement custom motor drive algorithms such as the single-phase induction motor (SPIM) control. A generalized control algorithm, implemented and tested in an application environment proves the concept of variable speed control of the SPIM.
There are several reasons to use a three-phase inverter to run a single-phase induction motor, including isolation from variable power grids, reduction of peak currents and elimination of the starting capacitor.
Inverterization of motor drives is increasing due to government regulation and energy efficiency concerns. In the case of motor drives, these factors also push designs toward variable speed AC motors, and permanent magnet motors in particular. In some cases, however, design requirements dictate that a split-phase induction motor is retained, but driven by an inverter. Besides possible energy savings, the inverter may be required in order to eliminate the starting capacitor, reduce peak currents, or provide isolation from variable power grids.
Single-phase motors are ubiquitous, cheap and reliable. These motors generally have a start winding and run winding which are 90° offset from each other and incorporate a resistor or capacitor for starting purposes. Often, the start winding is disabled after motor startup by a centrifugal switch or positive thermal coefficient thermistor. Keeping the start winding engaged can increase the torque supplied by the motor.
International Rectifier's IRMCS3043 Reference Design Kit includes the IRMCF343 motor control IC and the IRAMX16UP60A 3-phase inverter module in a single shunt configuration. The single shunt resistor provides current sensing for inverter protection (as well as for current feedback for closed loop motor control).
The IRMCF300 series of motor control ICs feature the Motion Control Engine (MCE), which contains hardware implemented motor control calculation as well as a programmable layer for customized algorithm elements. The custom program is defined by a graphical user interface where mathematical and control blocks can be connected together to implement the design. A compiler takes the block diagram as input and outputs a program that can be run on the MCE.
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