Eye Tracking Offers Insight into Website and Movie Viewing

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Eye Tracking Offers Insight into Website and Movie Viewing

Many companies spend large portions of their budget to ensure customers come to their digital offering whether it be a Website, a Commercial or a Video.

After spending budgets on SEO, online or other methods, they feel “we have done our job to get the customers to view the media".

But once at your website or other digital media do they find their way through the content to their goal?  Perhaps they are looking for information, wishing to buy or are they taking a look at that special promotion?

Now with Real  Time Eye Tracking you can exactly view their path and see what took their interest. Using the latest equipment, Vancouver area company I-METRIX (I-METRIX.CA), offers a sample user testing service providing complete viewer data reports. Parameters can be implemented to measure ease of navigation for the viewer to determine your desired results.


Eye Tracking can offer a method to evaluate any project before it is launched allowing critical changes to be implemented, if needed, after testing.
Target areas can be implemented into the test whether it be a webpage or video to see how long a user viewed or fixated on the specific area and if they returned for multiple viewings.

Fixations and Saccades are recorded in real time showing flow and interest as well as the length of time they looked at the item. The Mouse is also tracked in the test and offers insights on areas clicked to move to a different page or offering.

Eye Tracking can offer an advantage over your competition that are maybe just launching media and hoping it is successful.
This relatively new technology definitely gets "inside the users head".

Julian Grace


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