EpicWebs.co.uk - Relaunched to help people with WordPress Sites. Along with helping people with just WordPress sites, EpicWebs also includes tutorials for jQuery, bbPress and plain HTML. Head on over to http://www.epicwebs.co.uk/ for a look at what they have to offer.  
The WordPress tutorials are detailed and well worth a look, if your a beginner or even an expert there is no doubt something to pique your interest. There is also a few code snippets to enjoy for the person who doesn't want to delve to heavy into the theory of developing with WordPress.  
The jQuery tutorials are on the rise and with a great looking site that uses jQuery masonry there is probably loads that EpicWebs has to offer.  
bbPress is where EpicWebs shines, it offers detailed explanation of what bbPress is and how to install it, along with great plugins, code snippets, tutorials and expert advice. If you currently have a bbPress site and are wanting to learn more, then definitely head on over to http://www.epicwebs.co.uk/
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