ec2 Software Solutions Customer Support Not Effected by XP’s Demise

 Microsoft’s Halting Support on it Windows XP Operating System Will Have No Effect on ec2 Software Solutions Customers Due to Windows XP EOS
Somerset, NJ (release-news) April 28, 2014 - ec2 Software Solutions, the industry leading nuclear medicine softwarecompany announced that Microsoft's recent decision to no longer support its longstanding Windows XP operating system will have impact their customers.

ec2has made it clear they are committed to accommodating Windows XP as part of its existing platform for providers in the nuclear medicine industry.

"Many of our customers in the fields of nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, nuclear pharmacy, and PET manufacturing have used and are continuing to use Windows XP to run our software, regardless of what Microsoft is migrating towards," said ec2 CEO Scott Nelson. "And we are staying committed to working with our customers to develop new products and to refine existing ones."

Until this year, ec2's well-known software solutions were developed to run on Windows XP, and customer support will continue uninterrupted for those clients who have decided not to migrate to another operating system at this time.

However, Microsoft's action has encouraged some customers to explore other options. This is timely due not only to XP's EOS, but to the situation many clients are experiencing, in which existing standalone systems and various PCs with patient data on them do not do everything that the clients need. ec2 is helping these customers to create a different model, using a new enterprise level software solution.

While ec2 Software Solutions will be moving into the future using the newest development tools starting with the 2014 releases of NMIS® and BioDose™*, the company wishes to assure customers that it will continue to enthusiastically and professionally support current versions of software products.

About ec2 Software Solutions

ec2 Software Solutions is an industry-leading provider of software programs for the nuclear medicine community. Its suite of innovative products helps more than 5,500 customers manage records, provide patient care, and navigate the vast and complex regulations of the nuclear medicine industry. To learn more, please visit

ec2 can help you with your migration decisions. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-851-0025.

*2014 releases of NMIS® and BioDose™* will not run on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.


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