Well, Its a question that every Facebook page owner asks himself time and again and want to search the correct answer for this. Facebook edge rank is the algorithm that calculate the vale of number of people “talking about this” for your page. If you page has great number of likes but less number of people who are talking about your page then you need to start worrying about it and investigate how to improve number of people who will actually engage and talk about your page. I will explain an experiment that we did few days back in order to check if number of status likes have a direct impact on the number of talking about or not? What we did we created a new page and posted 4 or 5 status on that. Let me tell you that there were some image post and video post as well to get the clear picture of results. We delivered 20 post likes on each of the status with the help of our Facebook Post Like Service and we also added 500 page likes to that page. For the first 2 days there were no talking about the page but after 2 days we noticed 49 people talking it. Then we concluded that Yes, it has an impact on number of people talking about for your page. Then we started the 2nd phase of our experiment. We were doubtful that does more number of Facebook post shares increase your number of talking about or not? So, we started this by adding 20 post shares on each of the post we published on our page with the help of our Facebook Post Shares Service. And the same thing happened again, for the first 2 days there were no impact but after that we observed a dramatic increase in the number of talking. Even page had 500 likes but its number of talking about were 687 and in this way we reached the result that Yes, Facebook Post likes and Facebook Post shares have direct impact on number of talking about. Read More : http://1000-likes.com/does-facebook-post-likes-and-shares-improves-number-of-talking-about/ Services We Offer Buy Real Facebook Likes: http://1000-likes.com/facebook-likes/ Buy USA Facebook Likes: http://1000-likes.com/usa-likes/ Buy Facebook Photo Likes: http://1000-likes.com/photo-likes/ Buy Facebook Status Likes: http://1000-likes.com/fb-status-likes/ About the Company Our team consist of 28 members who have years of experience in social media, social networking websites, SEO and internet marketing. We know how to run a campaign on social media which generate good results. We keep on updating ourselves to understand latest industry trends. Read More:http://1000-likes.com/about-us/ More Information How it Works: http://1000-likes.com/how-it-works/ Monthly Service: http://1000-likes.com/monthly-services/ Win Photo Like Contest: http://1000-likes.com/win-photo-like-contest/ Blog: http://1000-likes.com/blog/ Reviews: http://1000-likes.com/reviews/ Contact Us: If you have any question you can contact us at any time Contact us: http://1000-likes.com/contact-us/ Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are also available on live chat and you can reach us easily there. Follow Us on Social Media https://www.facebook.com/pages/1000-Likes/1386884678198975?ref=hl http://www.linkedin.com/company/1000-likes-com?trk=cp_followed_name_1000-likes-com https://twitter.com/likes_1000
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