5th Mar’2014 - The importance of mobile phone apps is immense in daily life. Whether it is an individual or big business house, everybody is keen to use the mobile apps in their own way. Every sector of business is using it with greater importance. Whether it is gaming, banking or online shopping use of mobile phone apps has became quite popular over a short period of time.

There are lot of companies who are providing services in the development of mobile phone apps. These mobile app companies offer various services - such as developing of apps, publishing of apps and many more. These companies work upon various operating system, such as, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, web OS, Google Android, BREW, Microsoft Windows Mobile CE, J2ME, Windows Phone OS and many more.

These companies work with both disconnected wireless like Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM/CDMA, 802.X and as well as credit sync mode. The primary services of these companies are mobile apps development, custom mobile apps development, business and enterprise mobile application solutions, development of mobile phone games, and development of mobile website.

The secret of mobile app companies is solely depends on the inventive and creativity skills of the developers. The developers are mostly engineers, testers and best industry professionals.

It has been estimated that more than 200 companies are creating or developing mobile phone apps. It has also been registered that use of mobile phone apps have been grew a whopping 115% only in 2012. And the rate is still rising at a rapid pace.

According to industry observers, the most popular categories of apps downloaded by users in the last year were messaging and social media apps. While the use of utilities and productivity apps are also very popular in these days.

The primary motto of these companies is to build a pretty and easy app which will be helpful for everyone. Apart from these two qualities, there are lots of other qualities which needed to consider, such as, creating an appropriate platform or the app is shareable or not, the cost or the target audience.

And most importantly, these developers need to remember that many business organisations are using it as an online marketing procedure but the intention of developing an app is to have fun then only the app will become popular among all facets of the society.
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