Banckle Newsletter May 2014: Create Help Tickets from within Banckle.Chat

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for May 2014 has been released allowing users to create help tickets using Banckle.Helpdesk App from with Banckle.Chat App to keep track of their customer’s issues.

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for May 2014 has been released. You can now use Banckle.Helpdesk App from within Banckle.Chat App to create help tickets to keep track of all of your customer’s issues in one place. Banckle is now providing All Hands Unlimited Users Plans so that everyone in your organization will have the opportunity to use all of our products rather than just a few. You can also now view code examples for Banckle Cloud APIs in Banckle documentation section and get have an idea of how you can use cloud API functions in your own application.

Keep Track of your Customer Issues by Creating Help Tickets


By using Banckle.Helpdesk App from with Banckle .Chat App you can now create help ticket with just one click, assign it to a specific resource or department, set the issue priority and you can keep track of all of your reported customer’s issues in one place.

Banckle All Hands Unlimited User Plan


Banckle is now offering All Hands Unlimited User Plan which allows everyone in your organization to use all Banckle products so that you can communicate with your customers at every stage of the customer engagement cycle.

All hands customer engagement means you never miss a beat. Everyone, at every level of your organization, learns about and understands the needs of your customers. It doesn't only benefit you; it benefits your customers too. When everyone has the opportunity to take a live chat, answer a support ticket or respond to a sales email, you provide a better, more responsive customer journey from start to finish.

If you want to purchase, upgrade or change your subscription plan you can contact Banckle Sales team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , they will be happy to discuss pricing exclusive to existing users.

Product News

New: Banckle Cloud APIs Documentation and Examples


Cloud APIs documentation and code examples are now available in the online Documentation section at Access the API docs for useful help material about all API functions. Code examples provide you a way of viewing how you can use the API functions in your own applications. View Cloud APIs documentation and examples.

New: Tag Tickets in Banckle.Helpdesk


A very useful tagging feature that allows you to tag tickets in Banckle.Helpdesk or in your own app using Banckle.Helpdesk API.  Login or Sign up to try this API now.


New: Banckle.CRM Web Contacts Capture Form


Get contacts from your website using this simple hosted web contact capture form in Banckle.CRM.


New: Banckle.CRM App Localizations for French, German, Portuguese and Russian


Your favorite cloud CRM app is now available to French, German, Portuguese and Russian speaking customers too.


New: Banckle.Meeting Now Available On Google Apps Marketplace


Banckle.Meeting is now available on Google Apps Marketplace. Install your favorite online meeting and cloud collaboration app directly from Google Apps Marketplace for your Google Apps account and enjoy a wonderful user experience.


Updated: Banckle.Chat for WordPress 3.9


Effectively communicate with your website visitors using Banckle.Chat for WordPress. Conduct live chat sessions and perform website visitor monitoring functions with Banckle.Chat.


Updated: Banckle.Meeting for WordPress 3.9


Integrate Banckle.Meeting on your WordPress website and let meeting attendees register for meeting sessions with a single mouse click.


Coming Soon

  • Banckle.CRM plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010: Move your CRM contacts to Microsoft Outlook 2010 or import your Outlook contacts into Banckle.CRM. Get in touch with potential clients in a more efficient manner using the Banckle.CRM for Microsoft Outlook 2010 plugin.
  • Banckle.Helpdesk Canned Responses:Insert canned responses when replying to your customer's questions directly from the Banckle.Helpdesk console and reduce your turn around time.
  • Banckle.CRM for WordPress:Use cloud CRM features on the WordPress platform and experience a truly platform independent customer relationship cycle with Banckle.CRM for WordPress.

Product Releases And Updates

  • – General bug fixes, Android app stability improvements, minor updates to APIs, new plugin integration for Banckle.Helpdesk, improvements to the Banckle.CRM plugin.
  • – General bug fixes, UI improvements, localization for French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian languages, CSV import feature improvements, new user start wizard, improved spam protection and app performance, ability to remove "powered by Banckle.CRM" on web contact form for paid plans.
  • – General fixes, improved API documentation, improved subscriber import and reporting, new reporting APIs.
  • – General fixes, audio improvements, Banckle.Meeting release on Google Apps Marketplace.
  • – General fixes, UI improvements, tag tickets, tag search, simple hosted web ticket capture form, new API for tags.
  • – General fixes, improved API documentation.
  • More News About Banckle.Chat App

    • How to Access Offline Chat Messages and Block IPs using Banckle.Chat APIs?

    Banckle.Chat for Cloud APIs is a smart live chat tool for websites that lets you initiate and manage chat sessions. With this API, you can keep an offline record of all customer conversations held by different team members on different platforms.

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