Banckle Newsletter for Month of June 2014: Get 50% Off on New Sing Up or Upgrade to New Plans for all Banckle Products

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for June 2014 has been released. Banckle has introduced new range of subscription plans for all of its products and has released live chat plugin for Chrome users, CRM and Help Desk plugin for WordPress websites and also CRM plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010. Banckle soon will be releasing Help Desk and CRM plugin for Joomla. Using Banckle CRM Plugin for Joomla, you can better manage your sales pipeline and with Help Desk plugin for Joomla, you will never miss customer issue and can create centralized repository of all issue tickets and provide rapid solutions to users. Read more about Banckle updates and product information here. Upgrade to Banckle's New All Hands Price Plans On May 17, 2014, Banckle released new subscription plans. Using this new subscription plan, all users in an organization can access and use Banckle products and the cost is based on a single measurement of a product use. Existing Banckle users will not be affected by this new plan. Moreover, all new and existing customers can make full use of the early adopter discount; a whopping 50% is off if you wish to upgrade to the new price plans or sign up for a new plan. Please use EARLYBIRD14 at the checkout to avail this discount. -          Check out Cloud APIs Price -          Check out Cloud Apps Price   News Banckle.Chat Offers High-end Security and Data Encryption As all of Banckle services are hosted in the cloud, we don’t take any chance when it comes to the security of data and information exchanged or stored on our servers. Banckle use 256-bit encryption for information transmission. The connection is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES_256_CBC) and meets FIPS standards. They further ensure customers' security with a fool proof time-stamped token and centralized authentication system. Banckle have also further enhanced the security of Banckle live chat App. It not only protects your privacy but your customers, communications with visitors, agents, and the Banckle.Chat servers are established only over AES 256-bit encrypted HTTPS channels. All information handled by Banckle.Chat is considered confidential and held under strict security measures. Banckle.Chat also supports Data Obfuscation which allows you to conceal number strings in a chat transcript. Personal numeric information is masked to make it more secure, offering you bank grade security while using Banckle.Chat. You can conceal data during a chat in real time or after a chat closes which prevents anyone from seeing number strings except the agent assigned to the chat. Product News -          New: Banckle.CRM for WordPress   Banckle has released CRM plugin for WordPress websites allowing WordPress users to use cloud CRM features on the WordPress platform and experience a truly platform independent customer relationship cycle. -          New: Banckle.Helpdesk for WordPress   Banckle has released Help Desk plugin for WordPress Websites which allow WordPress users to create tickets and assign them to specific department and resources. Keep track of all the customer issues in one placeand set issue priority from WordPress platform using this Plugin. -          New: Banckle.Chat for Google Chrome Banckle has released Live Chat plugin for Google Chrome. You can now access your favorite online customer assistance and monitoring app in Chrome instantly. With this plugin you can chat with your website visitors live on chrome, invite them proactively and help with their queries and take cloud customer support to the next level. -          Updated: Banckle.CRM for Outlook 2010   Banckle has released CRM plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010 which allows you to move your CRM contacts to Microsoft Outlook 2010 or import your Outlook contacts into CRM.   Coming Soon -          Banckle.CRM for Joomla   After releasing CRM plugin for WordPress Websites, Banckle soon will be releasing CRM plugin for Joomla websites also which will allow you to follow up with potential clients, turn them in to valued customers, better manage your sales pipeline and bring together all cloud CRM features in Joomla platform. -          Banckle.Helpdesk for Joomla   Banckle will soon release Help Desk software for Joomla Websites which will allow you to never miss a customer reported issue, create a centralized repository of all issue tickets and provide rapid solutions to users. Community Buzz -          Banckle has been listed as a great service provider in Social Content Management Tools list in review page. -          Banckle.Chat has been mentioned in an article related to Live Chat Applications on -          Banckle.Meeting plugin for WordPress has also been added on list of WordPress Plugins. From The Library -          Banckle.Meeting for Joomla   Banckle.Meeting Widget seamlessly integrates into your Joomla website and allows your website visitors to register for your Banckle.Meeting sessions. Start conducting eLearning sessions, online meetings, HD video webinars within minutes with Banckle Meeting widget for Joomla. -          Capture Contacts From Your WordPress Website Using Banckle.CRM WordPress users can now add contacts capture form on any page of WordPress website and obtain leads straight into Banckle.CRM account to follow up with them, and convert them to done deals.

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