Automatic Batch Photo Conversion and Editing for Mac and Windows

Bits&Coffee has releasedBatchPhoto v. 4.0, an image manipulation application for Mac OS X and Windows that lets photography professionals and enthusiasts enhance and manipulate hundreds of images in a single operation. Unlike software designed for home users, BatchPhoto is designed to help professionals save time by automating critical image management functions.

New features in v. 4.0 include a completely rewritten user interface with a new Dark-theme, one universal version for both Windows and Mac, a fully Retina-ready Mac version which is now available in the Mac App Store, drag & drop functionality for the graphical filters, and a new Auto Crop filter for automatically cropping photos to a predefined aspect-ratio.

With BatchPhoto the user can easily annotate images in batches. For example the Date filter canstamp photos with the date and timeof capture (as retrieved from the EXIF meta-data), the Watermark-Text and Watermark-Logo filters can visually watermark images with text or logos, and the Comment filter can add paragraphs of text to pictures.

BatchPhoto supports more than 170 image formats, and can automatically convert from one format to another. It even handles the RAW format used by many digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

The software helps create profiles that define which transformations to apply to each image in a batch. Alternatively, users can enhance a single image by simply right-clicking it and selecting a profile. The software performs a series of operations on the image, such as changing the number of dots per inch (DPI), auto-rotating the images from portrait to landscape, rotating them a specified number of degrees, and cropping photos by cutting a rectangular section out of each image.

The software can automatically detect and fix problems with contrast, brightness, gamma settings, and sharpness. BatchPhoto transforms color images into black and white pictures, charcoal images, or sepia-tone photos, and allows application of solarization and embossing effects to images.

Price and availability

BatchPhoto is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Prices for BatchPhoto v. 4.0 begin at $29.95(US). For more information, to compare the features of each version, or to download the trial version of BatchPhoto, visit


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BatchPhoto in the Mac App Store:

About Bits&Coffee

Since 2005, Bits&Coffee has been developing and marketing image enhancement software for business and home users. In addition to BatchPhoto, the company also offers Image Espresso, a free online image converter and editor that makes it easy to convert, resize, crop, rotate, touch up, and apply effects to photos and images; VideoMix, an app that creates video collages for Apple´s iOS phones and tablets; VideoStory, an iOS video slideshow creator; and PhotoMarks, software for watermarking images on a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. For more information, visit

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