Spy apps that can be planted on iPhone's, Androids, tablets etc could be secretly transmitting all data you discuss and transmit through your phone. Although modern Smartphones are a wonderful piece of kit, they can be exploited and spy threats could be running without you knowing.


Your phone calls, messages, photos, internet use and more could be accessible to any person who wants to spy on you for whatever reason. So how does this happen?


First off, the spyee needs access to your phone. The problem is though, how many times do you lend out your phone or leave it laying around? Once the user accesses the target phone, it takes around 5 minutes to plant the silent software.


This then runs as an app silently in

A new controversial move by Twitter is to spy on which phone apps you use. The cleverly worded terms and conditions, which have been changed gives the impression that they are doing users a favor, however the real reason is more in the interest of Twitter itself. Twitter will now report back to them all apps installed on your iPhone or Android device. 

So one may ask one Twitter is so interested in the apps on a users phone? The simple reason is to benefit Twitter. By gathering data about a users phone app use, Twitter are then able to target their users with related adverts, flooding users feed with adverts that they think are most related to them. 

This shouldn't be a major problem, its not as if they're trying to
Wizard Recovery, the manufacturer of a range of data recovery tools, reveals its biggest Christmas discount of the season, putting its entire range of data recovery products on sale.
Web design firm, Jasminarts is pleased to announce its partnership with SEO company, Kirk Communications.
The team has expertise in resolving technical queries of users into almost all domains including data recovery. ( http://www.microsoft.osttopstconverter.co.uk ) Outlook 2013 OST to PST converter tool is widely used to resolve all types of OST file issues without any complications and data losses.
  • AUx Dubai will showcase innovations in design technology and its problem solving prowess in architecture, construction, manufacturing, media & entertainment industries
  • Event to offer Autodesk certifications on Autodesk’s range of 3D Design software for select attendees
Latest line of MFCs offer A4 Business Inkjet with A3 print capabilities and multiple functionalities
EMA Ranking validates clear business value behind software automation.
“Member of the Family” sentiment increases perception of value.
The marine industry has finally woken up to modern applications that assist engineers to make calculations on the ground, with the Anchor Pendant Buoy App becoming the latest animated marine app to be published on Google and Apple by SeaCalcs.
With the new year approaching, there has never been a better time to reevaluate your marketing strategy or your current SEO provider and determine the best strategy for 2015.
George Brown announced the launch of the latest version of his online training course related to affiliate marketing in a small press meet today. The product guides beginners as well as experienced affiliate marketers in making money online.
Matrix a leading manufacturer and provider of IP Phone Systems, VoIP-GSM Gateways and IP Phones has announced that its SETU range of VoIP Gateways have been tested successfully and certified for interoperability with BroadSoft services.
  • Four million professional document management scanners sold
  • Trusted: performance-focused, reliable solutions for professional users
Wide product range from workgroup to production environment to cover all business needs for high performance
Matrix a leader in India’s IP-PBX segment is all set to strengthen its terminals market by launching SPARSH VP110 – The Business IP Phone in entry level segment
Buy the summit rocky mountain air purifier! For the record, this is so far the best air purifier in America. In the seven-stage purifying process, contaminants are absolutely out of the way.

Universal Branding Inc., distributor of power and pneumatic tools for professional and home uses, has upgraded from Microsoft Excel sheets to Project Insight project management software.

The new VSDC Free Video Editor 2.3.0 update released by Flash-Integro adds 3 dedicated utilities to download, burn, and convert videos, speeds up exporting and preview, reduces memory consumption and improves the use of multi-core CPUs for fluent and smooth performance.

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