How One Family With Diverse Needs Created a Truly Bonding Experience Through Martial Arts

I would like to introduce you to the incredible Cox family. Dad Tony, Mom Kathie and their two daughters Ally and Isabella. One of the things that makes them so incredible is how they were able to find one activity that could satisfy their incredibly diverse lives.

Kathie is a very active mother. Besides being a mom to her two kids and a loving wife of 12 years to her husband and working a full time job, she is also working very hard to get her Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certification to become an elementary school teacher.

Tony is a retired Navy commander and is working 10 hour days as a cost analyst. Tony loves to spend time with his family but with their hectic lifestyle and long hours apart it can be very difficult.

Ally has been very shy and reserved her entire life and it has been hard for her to find activities that she truly enjoyed and wanted to do on a long term basis. She is also a miracle of nature since she was born with only one kidney. However, she never let this stop her, she just had not found her passion yet.

Isabella is a wonderful child and has Aspergers Syndrome which causes her sensory issues that the average person would find extremely difficult to deal with. This makes it difficult for her to find activities that she enjoys and wants to stick with.

One day Tony and Kathie decided to check into martial arts and kickboxing as an activity for their children because they wanted to find a physical activity that their girls would enjoy. Originally they thought it might be a fun, short term activity but what they discovered was a whole lot more. They discovered a program that would dramatically affect the quality of their lives, like nothing they had found before.

Initially, the Cox’s put their daughters in to the traditional martial arts program and found that although Ally flourished with the structure, leadership and personal discipline, Isabella had a hard time adjusting because of her Aspergers. Wanting Isabella to flourish as well, mom and dad decided to join the kickboxing program and have Isabella join them. What they found was an incredible activity that they could enjoy together and was a great benefit to Isabella’s therapy routine.

One great thing that the Cox family discovered is that the old adage is absolutely true, the more you workout the more energy you have to do other activities. They also quickly realized that martial arts has so many aspects that it truly can be for anyone.

Now Tony has more energy than ever after his long days at work to spend more quality time with his family and enjoy his hobbies, not to mention a decrease in his waist line. Kathie also enjoys the benefits of more energy and feeling healthy. She has noticed an increased ability to focus on her studies, even after a hard day’s work, while simultaneously retaining more and sleeping better. Since taking part in the Kickboxing and martial arts program Kathie has gone from a size 12 to a size 6 and looks and feels incredible.

Ally has undergone a personal transformation in confidence that is second to none. The quiet and reserved girl she used to be has disappeared forever and has been replaced by a confident, action taker like no other time in her life.  Both of her parents say, “she is up for anything and has much more confidence.”

Even Isabella has been able to use the hitting and punching of the heavy bags to augment her daily “Squishy Joints” therapy that she undergoes. It has been very enjoyable for mom and dad to find an activity that Isabella actually wants to take part in.

This is truly a remarkable story of how a family with incredibly diverse needs, goals and schedules has been able to find fun, happiness and bonding through martial arts. When you see the family in class be sure to ask them how they are doing and how the family has been able to become closer than before. I am sure they will have some great pearls of wisdom to share with you.

We are very proud of you Cox family so keep up the hard work!

Love, your team at iLoveKickboxing-Sandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts.

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