Bitcoin has been very useful for any online transactions in today’s fast-paced world. Most users can attest the convenience of online shopping, or the freedom of taking charge of their own money, without the fear of disclosing their private information to third parties and paying hefty charges on taxes and processing fees.


Asianconnetc88 identifies with all Bitcoin users’ desire for hassle-free online sports betting. The sport betting brokerage encourages all Bitcoin users to open an account for a chance to get up to 250 euro.

With Asianconnect88, Bitcoin users don’t just receive sign up bonus, but also the opportunity to bet on best online bookies the company has in store like IBCBet, SBOBet, SingBet, and Pinnacle Sports. These bookies have been operating for years and are credible provider of sport betting services. The website offers members the tools to bet on multiple sportsbook accounts in Asia and access to Skype betting. Bitcoin users can reap the advantage of making deposits and withdrawals through their virtual currency. Those perks equate to more chances of winning from horse racing and other different sports.

Who would have thought a virtual currency like bitcoin could help users bet and win on any sports they love – either from horse racing or World Cup – in the comforts of their own computer? Besides betting, they could win from time to time and escalate their winnings as they learn the strategies of smart punters.

Who can join?

Again, this promo is valid only for Bitcoin users who are willing to open new account and existing account holders giving their first deposit. It is also subject to Asianconnect88’s Terms and Conditions. New users are advised to follow all the guidelines to qualify.

If you’re ready to sign up an account, please check for more details about this promo.

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