FB Inception - Evokes the Merits of Social Media

FB Inception, aptly referred to as “Your Unfair Dating Advantage”, harnesses the potential of social networking to connect people and bring them closer together. FB Inception, aptly referred to as “Your Unfair Dating Advantage”, harnesses the potential of social networking to connect people and bring them closer together. As people increasingly get social, meeting women and starting relationships through these platforms are realities that can no longer be ignored. How popular social media has become through the years is evident in the way people have embraced this in their everyday lives. In a 2013 study by IDC entitled Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged, communicating via text and interacting via email and social networks make up 84% of the time spent on smartphones while only 16% is devoted to placing calls. This research, sponsored by Facebook, involved 7,446 18 to 44 year old iPhone and Android smartphone owners in the U.S. It revealed further that 4 out of 5 check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up, while 79% of respondents have their phone on or near them all but up to two hours throughout their waking day. It shows email as the most popular activity or application at 78% followed by web browsing at 73% and Facebook at 70%. The IDC report points to the fact that social media has indeed become very much a part of people’s daily activities especially Facebook, which tends to be used by most smartphone owners throughout their day. It notes that 70% of respondents use Facebook on their phone and of this group 61% use it everyday. Whether running errands, shopping around, preparing dinner, or doing workouts,social apps figure easily in everything they do. Likewise, other available data on the web state that social media has exceeded the interest over porn, making it one of the main reasons people go online. Since many have taken to the social networks as a means to stay connected and be informed, even businesses have embraced these as effective marketing tools to reach target customers. So how does it impact dating and relationships today? FB Inception as a potential game-changer in the dating scene With social media affecting the dynamics of personal interaction, do people enjoy more control over their social lives? Yes, they can choose to be with the people that matter most to them anytime, anywhere. They are no longer limited by distance or time since there’s no need to wait for the next available schedule to meet up in order to share what’s going on in their lives. FB Inception is the innovative system that enables men to leverage on social media to establish new connections and kick-start a relationship. It shows how Facebook, the biggest social network, can be tapped to attract women from various background and allow guys to effectively take control of and improve their social lives. Men will learn how to trigger a girl’s curiosity as well as intrigue her and pique her desire by getting into her subconscious. All these can be achieved by virtue of one’s personality and the use of a smartphone. As Facebook presents one of the best venues to attract women, who rely on their smartphones to express themselves, stay in the loop or check out other people 24/7, knowing how to make the most of this opportunity becomes essential for guys to win the girls they want. FB Inception points out that social media has changed women’s behaviour such that they seem to be always on flirt mode regardless of where they are or what they are doing. As they engage friends and acquaintances through Facebook, girls find themselves assessing potential partners here. Thus, it helps to employ the right strategy that should be executed properly to take advantage of this. Bombarding women with calls and messages is the wrong way to go. FB Inception shows men how to get noticed and keep girls interested without annoying them. Learn how to bring out a woman’s flirtatious side that will have her anticipating what comes next and establish the expectations for future interactions. Know how to create an emotional connection as the next step, moving beyond casual communication. A girl should be able to imagine spending time with a guy as he projects himself to be charismatic, different, exciting and fun. Make her want to be intimate by instilling the idea of sleeping together and come across as a man who is confident and makes things happen. For more information on how to use social media to a man’s advantage when it comes to dating, visit the official FB Inception homepage. About FB Inception “Your Unfair Dating Advantage” – http://www.fbinception.com “FB Inception is an over-arching guide on how to boost a man’s social life and their love life. It starts with Facebook. Receive valuable information and connect with women from all walks of life and take that basic interaction to what could possibly become something much more.”

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