Assault Claim Experts Procedure To Access Compensation For Victims of Crime

Successfully claiming for victims of crime compensation is exactly what the solicitors from Assault Claim Experts specialise in doing – with our knowledge and expertise you are guaranteed to receive the maximum level of compensation available for the injuries you sustained and the losses you encountered. You do, however, need to act quickly and contact one of our advisors today.

A number of changes have been made to the amount of compensation that is available for victims of crime which highlights the importance of using a reputable firm of solicitors to assist you with making your claim if you have suffered injuries during a criminal act of violence.

According to a recent article in the Independent, published on 27th November, 2012: “Controversial changes to the scheme for compensating victims of crime have come into force, meaning only the most seriously hurt will be able to claim for their injuries. The changes, which will save about £50 million a year, were approved by Parliament earlier this month despite opposition from Labour and warnings from the unions that payments to teachers and shop, rail and postal workers injured in incidents at work will be slashed. Junior justice minister Helen Grant claimed that for victims with minor wounds "prompt practical and emotional support is a more suitable response than relatively small amounts of compensation".”

The government is now focusing on providing higher amounts of compensation for victims of crime with more serious injuries but the specialist solicitors from Assault Claim Experts will be able to assist you in claiming the compensation you are entitled to regardless of the severity of your injuries. The requirement you will have to meet in order to claim a compensation award for your injuries is that your injury qualifies you to receive the minimum award that the CICA will allow of £1000.

Victims of violent crime have to endure both physical and emotional suffering and, in some cases, they face financial hardship due to being unable to work if they suffer from serious injuries. Psychological injuries can also be incredibly debilitating especially if the victim was subjected to a terrifying ordeal whilst the crime was being committed – this can leave victims with a psychological injuries so serious they do not even dare to leave the house. If you would like to receive compensation for your physical and/or psychological injuries you need to seek advice that is specifically tailored for innocent victims of violent crime – the highly qualified and compassionate solicitors from Assault Claim Experts can provide you with the advice you need if you would like to start a successful claim for compensation.

Some of those who have encountered injuries, such as brain damage, after being involved in a violent crime are among those who are now facing a sharp reduction in the compensation they receive for their damages but Assault Claim Experts do not believe that innocent victims of violent crime should miss out on their chance to receive the award they deserve and our solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure that you are awarded the maximum level of redress available for your circumstances.

More than 17,000 victims who are involved in violent crimes each year, including those who suffer broken hands or need to undergo surgery in order to recover from their injuries, are to be affected by the proposals made in relation to the changes to the criminal injuries compensation scheme. A further 12,000 innocent victims of violent crime who suffer more serious injuries, including minor brain damage or permanent disabling fractures, may face reductions of up to 25% in their awards under the new government changes.

The aim of reducing compensation awards for innocent victims of heinous crime is so that the government can save between £35m and £45m a year out of the annual £200 million budget but this is not something that will stop the expert solicitors from Assault Claim Experts from pursuing the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Although the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is in place to provide compensationfor innocent victims of violent crime, Assault Claim Experts would strongly recommend you apply for compensation with assistance from one of our experienced solicitors. You are more likely to achieve a successful conclusion to your claim for criminal injury compensation if you have one of our specialist solicitors helping you with your application.

On 23 April 2010, the Daily Mail reported that incidents of violent crime had risen sharply in the previous year and that figures showed there were 750 more violent attacks leading to injury every week in that year than the year before. Between 2009 and 2010 there were 1.2 million such assaults overall which was an increase of 39,000. This worrying information justifies one of the criteria set by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which states that innocent victims of violent crime must report the incident to the police prior to applying for compensation. In reporting the incident to the police, a victim is helping to protect innocent members of the general public from being the victim of a similar incident. The CICA states that an applicant must have reported the crime in which they were injured to the police immediately after it occurred – failing to do so could result in the victim being refused an award.

If you would like to receive compensation because you have been involved in one of the millions of violent crimes that occur in the UK every year, it is important you seek advice about claiming for your injury from one of the victims of crime solicitors at Assault Claim Experts within two years of the incident. Another stipulation set by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is that innocent victims of violent crime must submit their application for compensation within two years of the incident occurring. Failure to submit your application to the CICA within two years of your injuries being sustained, without a valid reason for the delay, will result in your case being rejected automatically.

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