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Fiinovation, a research based organization working in the social development sector, analyses how dimensions of Social security is one umbrella which can subsume diverse state efforts towards facilitating the wellbeing of the underprivileged.

An online memorial ( has been created to help preserve the stories of the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

A total of 298 people were onboard that flight and all those perished. With this internationally heart breaking incident, it is important to make the information of the people that the world lost accessible to anyone who wants to pay their respects. 298 lives came to a crashing halt on that day and it is crucial to remember that each one of those 298 had a family and their own life story. It is paramount to share their stories with the world.

On the front of the virtual memorial, all of the victims can be viewed at a glance by going through the browsing pages. A picture has been chosen for each of the victims. Below their picture on this page is a small exert of their biography that can be seen on their personal page. More information about the specific person can be seen once their box is clicked. It will take you directly to their person page.

Once a person is clicked you are taken to a person page devoted to them and the life that they lived. Information about them is presented, as well as a larger picture of them that was also shown on the front page of the website. Details about their full name, birthdate, country of origin, and age are presented at the top of the page. Below their picture you can choose to leave a free memorial in the form of a small picture of flowers or candles. There are already many memorials for each person left by people that have viewed their page and have paid their respects. These memorials that people choose to leave are then labelled with the name of who left it. Below these memorials is a brief biography of their life. Some have more information than others. References are given to original articles where their life information was gathered.

At the bottom of the page it is also an option to share the personal pages of each victim though Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more. This page is a small representation of the person and their life. It is important to remember those who have passed, especially in such a saddening and sudden manner. These people will forever be remembered in this virtual memorial devoted to them.

About eMemorial []
eMemorial is a free online obituary and memorial application on web and Facebook that lets anyone create virtual in memoriam pages to remember loved ones that have passed. For more info, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Engr. Seyi Makinde has embraced ground-breaking technology that is helping him connect with voters, volunteers and supporters.
WeVidz is a social video platform designed to allow users to create, combine, and share moments together through video. With WeVidz your video is never complete. Upon submitting any content, your friends have the opportunity to add on to your videos with their own photos, videos, voice recordings, and text to create compelling video streams that can be shared with the world.
 More and more research evidence strengthens the case that what you think about and how you think has a powerful effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. If you concentrate on negative thoughts, it will affect the body and mind. Similarly if you turn your attention to positive thoughts and uplifting or inspirational ideas, these will also affect you.
The act of intention is a proven method of helping to regulate thoughts towards the positive and maintain a beneficial mindset throughout the day. Live Intentionally is the convenient and helpful app to help you live the life you desire and deserve.
Are you SURVIVING or THRIVING? Each day you make a choice. Which will it be today?
Don’t settle for mediocrity. Start thriving today. Make the decision each morning to thrive. You might not feel like you are moving ahead in life. Make a conscious effort to do a little something each day that makes you feel good. Then record how you thrive with this beautifully designed app. Record what you did to thrive today into the journal daily. You can add pictures, share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Show off how you are thriving. Thriving is addictive. Watch how your life changes!
Summary of Features:
• Beautifully designed app journal
• Add photos
• Share via Facebook & Twitter
• Rate your day
• Set times for reminders throughout day
• Change the journal message
• View via calendar
• Search thru past entries
• Sort entries
Start THRIVING today!
The app for endless hours of family treasure hunt fun! a low-cost weekend activity that will drive the home by providing a great balance between playing with your kids and also letting them do their own thing by hunting down the clues. There is also a nice blend between the real, physical world where the clues are hidden, and the app interface.

Successfully claiming for victims of crime compensation is exactly what the solicitors from Assault Claim Experts specialise in doing – with our knowledge and expertise you are guaranteed to receive the maximum level of compensation available for the injuries you sustained and the losses you encountered. You do, however, need to act quickly and contact one of our advisors today.

Kaar Arakattalai, the CSR wing of Kaar Technologies had recently launched a first of its kind Mentorship program as part of its 5th Annual day celebration.
Re:work Bristol is a new project that seeks funds through Fundsurfer. Re:work Bristol is involved in wide range of business and engages youth for character-development.
To make weddings even more special, The Country Garden Florist now offers wedding hire items including reindeer antlers, vintage trunks, picture frames and much more.

Walker Tree Care is proud to announce we are celebrating 14 years in business. Our Boulder tree service company has reached this impressive benchmark by offering quality tree care at affordable prices.

Walker Tree Service Boulder, Colorado has launched a new web site making it easier for our customers to find us and learn about our Boulder tree care services.

254 FundMe Helps The Kenyan Youth Raise Money Online For Various Different Projects & Campaigns.
The face and dynamics of the family has shifted as more and more children are being raised by two mommies or two daddies. Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howser, M.D. And How I Met Your Mother fame) and his partner David Burtka are raising twins together.  WE's My Fair Wedding host David Tutera shared in a Mail Online interview with Sadie Whitelocks how his marriage to Ryan Jurica could not be saved by a pregnancy.  Crystal Tompkins details in her book, “Oh the Things Mommies Do!” that two mom families are a common family structure in today's world.
Her vividly illustrated 2009 title, which is also the name of her blog, shares the dynamic of having two mommies, and is written for lesbian mothers. Tompkins is the

Body language HQ offers guides, articles and guest posts that relate to the subject of Dating. We research, study and analyze available online sources that will help men boost their confidence and help them become irresistible to women. One thing that separates us from other websites is the fact that we focus on body language. We analyze how it can be used to impress a girl and make her attracted  to a man. 

The blog will also provide reviews of related products (e-books, etc) that are well respected among the dating community and help men achieve a better love life.

By instruction, I hereby announce The Omdasji Scientific Model of GOD and the Universe -- The first such successful scientific attempt.

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