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The United Kingdom, April 8, 2014 : Websites are crucial for any business and majority of the enterprises even in Internet-friendly countries still do not have a website. Undoubtedly, the number of websites on the web is going to continue increasing. However, there are already numerous active websites in every niche and category. Therefore being visible in the throng has become a greater challenge than getting online. Successful marketing and sales campaigns can be realised only if websites are searchable for users. This necessity introduced a new kind of service that is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). It has also caused the emergence of a new crop of web technology enthusiasts, who innovate and discover SEO tactics such as Social Signal – Brand It by Aka Sam.

Social Signal – Brand It is a smart product that enables its customers buy social signals without illicit practices. The service has been strategised based on the behaviour of Google. The developer has focused on the apparent effect of Google Search protocols updates, which indirectly destroys small and medium-sized companies. However, brands do not bear the brunt of search protocol upgrades. Therefore, Social Signal – Brand It helps its customers create online brands with the help of social signals to survive at Google. However, Sam has made it utmost clear that back-links alone cannot transform a business or product into a brand that enjoys favour of search engines.

Google is the largest search engine on the web and majority of the people use it to access the website or information that they want to. In other words, enjoying good rank on the search results of Google is very important for all businesses but especially start-ups and small companies. Social media have taken the web and the Internet community by storm and the search engine-results are quite influenced by it. Greater popularity at social platforms better the impression search engines have about the business. The easiest way to achieve that is to buy social signals to seem highly active in social networks.

Social Signal – Brand It is an easy way to buy social signals for more than 10 social platforms and with high authority link juice and up to 10 press releases. The product is available in 3 packages, viz., Starter, Standard and Advance. The packages respectively support 5, 8 and 10 top social platforms and the degree of activity for each social medium also varies according to the package. The SEO turnaround time is only 9-11 days and if the service fails to send reports in 13 days, the customers can demand refund. Only PayPal is the accepted mode of payment to buy social signals.

About Social Signals – Brand It:


Social Signal – Brand It is an SEO product created by Aka Sam. It is a means of buying social signal for effective SEO post latest Google update. The product is available in 3 packages that cover 5 to 10 top social media.

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