Heroes of Newerth Announces $10,000 Map Making Contest

Heroes of Newerth, the multiplayer online battle arena known for its dark, gritty, and sometimes unforgiving gameplay, today announced Sol´s Theatre, a $10,000 community-driven, company-guided map making contest that will give Newerthians the opportunity to turn their map ideas into a reality.

Hopeful architects can begin submitting ideas to Sol´s Theatre when contest signup page, heroesofnewerth.com/threatre, goes live Aug 1. at 12pm EST. Submissions will be accepted until Aug. 30 at 12pm EST. Additional details about Sol´s Theatre such as prize distribution, map judgment, and other contest details will be revealed throughout July.

To coincide with the announcement of Sol´s Theatre, the Heroes of Newerth team is pleased to announce that the first community-made map, Prophets, has been implemented in-game and is now available to play.

"The announcement of Sol´s Theatre and the addition of Prophets is another step in letting the community know, ´Hey, we see you and we´re listening,´" said Sam Braithwaite, Head of Marketing for Heroes of Newerth. "We are very excited to work with our community on these maps and to share their passion and talent with all of our players.

Created by Heroes of Newerth enthusiasts Jonathan and Kawaiiiii, Prophets is a free for all, skill-shot, royal rumble, in which each player controls a Prophet on a plane encaged by an electric fence. As time expires, the fence contracts until it reaches the map´s epicenter - damaging all prophets outside its perimeter. Points are earned by being the last surviving Prophet. The first player to accumulate four points wins.

"Our development team has worked diligently with Jonathan and Kawaiiiii to put a final coat of polish on Prophets." Sam said. "We´ve had a blast playing test games and we hope our fans will, too."

For more information about Sol´s Theatre, or Prophets, visit the official Heroes of Newerth website. Don´t forget to follow Heroes of Newerth on Facebook and Twitter to take part in the conversation about the latest news and updates.


Game website http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/heroesofnewerth
Twitter https://twitter.com/heroesofnewerth

About Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is an intense, gritty, and sometimes unforgiving MOBA that was created in 2010. HoN features team-based, five vs. five matches in fictional sandbox Newerth, and is powered by a proprietary K2 Engine, a highly customizable engine that allows MOBAs to be played using robust client-server architecture for smooth gameplay experience. HoN is completely free-to-play. Create an account and download HoN at heroesofnewerth.com


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