Once you have submitted your news content our editors will review your submission within 24 hours. Please note that your news must meet our editorial guidelines

Although we like to keep everyone happy we keep coming across submitted content which unfortunately cannot be published

To keep release-news a quality and powerful site we can only approve quality press release content which adheres to these rules below:


We cannot approve content containing any of the following:

1) Blatant promotion without any real newsworthy content

2) Makes false claims or news

3) If it looks more like an article we cannot accept it.

4) Material about adult content, loan modification /payday loans

5) Straight links to affiliate content which is none news-worthy

6) Press release too short - We cannot accept a few lines of content

7) Multiple submissions about the same thing

8) Anything else that looks like not real news worthy content


Press releases and Article Differences


- Press releases are written in the 3rd person. Articles are written in the 1st person (My, Our)

- Press releases focus on news and are written to announce. Articles focus on providing Opinions or Instructions.


How to write a press release

- It should be written in 3rd person. Use "quotes" to present any 1st person statements.
- Should announce your product, service, information, or company in a news worthy manner.
- Introduction - first paragraph provides basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where, and why.
- Body - further explanation, statistics, background, or other details relevant to your news.
- Keep your press release to 500 or less characters. Improves readability.
- Include a summary of your company/product at the bottom. The 'About' section
- Add contact details


The main important parts to a press release are:

1. Headline. Headline should be short, clear, and compelling. Headlines that are too long will be truncated by Google and other SE's. Which will result in a sloppy appearance and increased click through!

2. Subtitle. The subtitle (sometimes referred to as Meta Description) should include and then expand on the elements contained in the headline.

3. Introduction paragraph. Keep in mind, as quickly as you've managed to get people's attention with your Headline/Subtitle, this is where you can just as quickly lose it!

4. Contact details: A press release should at least have some form of contact details at the bottom

Remember unique content is the key!



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