Two New Knee Replacement Options from Arizona Orthopedic Surgeons Offer Patients a More Effective Way to Treat Knee Pain

Doctors at OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates are now performing two new knee replacement options, the Signature Knee and Oxford Knee replacements.

Phoenix, AZ, United States, August 29, 2013 -- Doctors at OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates are now performing two new knee replacement options, the Signature Knee and Oxford Knee replacements.

These two alternatives to traditional knee replacements propose quicker recoveries and safer, more effective ways to treat patients with knee problems.

Signature Knee Replacement:
The Signature Knee Replacement gives OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates surgeons access to a higher level of detailed information for positioning the knee implant and for aligning it properly before the procedure begins, thus reducing premature wear and ensuring a more accurate fit.

“The Signature Knee Replacement is more exact, a more custom-fit product for those who need knee-replacements,” said Dr. William Salyer of OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates. “Anyone can have the procedure done and probably everyone can benefit from it.”

The Signature Knee Replacement give patients a more precise knee replacement option by providing orthopedic surgeons with a custom cutting guide developed specifically for the patient on which they’re operating. Such precision allows for a knee replacement that allows a patient full mobility and maneuverability after it is performed. It helps ensure the most beneficial cut to the bone which results in a better fit for the new knee replacement and helps prevent premature wear.

“With a Signature Knee cutting guide, I can look at preoperative images of what is going to happen before I make any cuts,” Dr. Salyer said. “I can look at the image and tell exactly what is going to happen. Then, when I make that first cut, everything else falls into place.”

Oxford Knee Replacement:
OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates surgeons are now performing partial knee replacements using the only fully mobile partial knee replacement system available in the United States.

AOA Surgeons have used the Oxford Knee Replacement for more than 300 surgeries and are encouraged by the results.

“Many times a patient suffering from knee pain does not need a total knee replacement,” said AOA orthopedic surgeon David M. Ott, M.D. “The Oxford Knee allows us to treat the area affected in a minimally invasive way and have the patient back on their feet in no time.”

The Oxford system works, according to Ott, because it only replaces one side of the knee, removing 75 percent less bone. It replaces the damaged or missing meniscus cartilage with a free-floating bearing that replicates the purpose of the meniscus. The procedure is less painful, allows for a faster recovery and results in a more natural walking motion.

Sondra Stark, a Scottsdale resident who has had Oxford Knee Replacements on both of her knees, agrees.

“I couldn’t have gone on the way I was,” Start said. “I’m an active lady. After these surgeries, I’m active once again.”

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About OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates:
OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates strives to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families through outstanding orthopedic care. OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible. Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, top-rated and board-certified orthopedic surgeons strive to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties.

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