Many persons have seen the light and have come to the decision that health and wellness are important. Joining a good fitness and wellness club is the first step in getting to the level of wellness you want. Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting provides you with personal trainers that are qualified to give you advise, put you on an exercise program and help with your nutrition. They are there to coach you with the proper techniques on the exercise machines, floor exercises, how to enhance your muscle mass or what exercises to do in order to strengthen your legs, arms and any other area you need help.


At Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting, our consultants are there to empower and motivate you into being the best you can be. We rely on our knowledge of cutting edge techniques, coupled with our caring personalities to help you in achieving your goals. Our accountability, trust, integrity and passion are why we are so successful in our business, and most of all the pleasure we get from seeing our valued clients achieve their goals.


Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting located in Charlotte North Carolina and has a team of expert trainers in the likes of Head Trainer and Owner Michael Anders, Charlotte NC Personal Trainer Jonathan Avalos, Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist Tyson Obrecth, and Personal Trainer Jason Sanza. This remarkable team is the chain that provides the strength for Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting to be the incredible fitness centre there is in Charlotte. By the way, they are the only one in this location. The different specialties are what make this team as remarkable as they each complement each other.


Joining Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting is not hard. Browse their online website, and see what there is to offer, make the call or send an email and you will be contacted by one of the above mentioned specialty trainers for your relevant information. Your first consultation is free, where you will be given an analysis of their approach to your new lease on life and the journey that you both will take. All medical information is required, as this program is geared to work in conjunction with your doctors’ advice. Make the bold step to the first day for the rest of your life, by joining this prestigious wellness club; Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting, their goals are your goals!

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