(2nd June, 2014, Mumbai) (http://www.ralconhealthcare.com/) : According to the recent reports of the medical analyzers, they have explained that all those men who consume alcohol on frequent basis possess extreme chances for the development of stroke mortality which leads for an adverse impact on the health mannerisms of the people.   They further explain that excess intake of this beverage could give rise to a number of disorders adversely hampering the health conditions of the people. There are been certain links amidst the consumption of alcohol and ischaemic stroke & this can be elaborated in a way that all those people who consume alcohol on moderate basis leads for lower risks of suffering from stroke and on the other hand, those people who consume this beverage excessively, are at the highest risk for suffering from stroke.   It is said that it leads for the increment of the risk of cerebral hemorrhage which mainly happens due to the excess consumption of alcohol i.e. in simple words, more the consumption of alcohol, higher would be the risk of being attacked by this stroke. Moreover, not only this, but it also leads for certain other disorders that include high blood pressure (hypertension), coronary artery disease, cardio failure, diabetes, obesity, elevated levels of cholesterol.   All those people who consume alcohol on frequent basis and that too, twice a week, possess extremely higher chances for suffering from stroke mortality as compared with those people who do not consume alcohol completely. Moreover, the suffering from such disorders could be elevated even when certain proportions of this beverage is in taken. Thus dealing with such measures has been an integral part of the medical experts wherein they suggest to the people, on worldwide basis, to reduce the consumption of alcohol so as to keep themselves away from the severe health hazards.   For more please visit : http://www.ralconhealthcare.com/http://www.ralconhealthcare.com/kemoplat-cisplatin/http://www.ralconhealthcare.com/ristova-rituximab/G - 15, Haware Fantasia Business ParkSector - 30A, Near Inorbit MallVashi Navi MumbaiMaharastra400703+917710932550Raj Singh is a Marketing Head for Ralcon Healthcare Pvt Ltd Company from India. Ralcon Healthcare is one of the Globe's leading active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacture.
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