The Amazing True Fitness Story of an Incredible Wife and Mother

This is the amazing true story of an incredible wife and mother who is about to get her Black Belt.

Suzy Davie is a full time Behavioral Health Assistant at Woodstock Elementary. Suzy's job is to work with and teach special needs children, some of whom are very aggressive and abusive to her and her fellow teachers. Not only does Suzy have a full time job, she is also a full time wife of 27 years and an incredible mother of 2 kids ages 26 and 13. She is very busy!

Suzy initially enrolled her daughter Taylor at Personal Mastery Martial Arts in April of 2010 because she wanted Taylor to be able to protect herself, gain self confidence, make friends and have fun. As she sat and watched classes, Suzy decided she should do something for herself – but where was she going to find the time??? Enough was enough, so Suzy made a commitment to herself to get into classes, get in shape, and live the life she always wanted.

It wasn’t easy at first; Suzy had a lot of stress from her job and had to deal with unruly children every single day. Suzy didn’t have a lot of extra energy because she had not been working out, had a hard job, was overweight and, of course, gave much of her energy to her family. Not to mention Suzy has been having a secret love affair with cake for several years. Yes cake, of all flavors and varieties of frostings. Suzy is an incredible story of somebody who decided to make a change and was not going to let anything or anyone stand in her way.

Since joining the Personal Mastery and I Love Kickboxing program in March of 2011 Suzy has overcome many obstacles that would stop most people in their tracks. She has had naysayers tell her she was too old or too busy. She has overcome an injury that had her foot in a boot for 4 months. Suzy had time conflicts, family issues, braved bad weather, and most of all she had to overcome those little voices we all have that told her, “You can’t do this, are you crazy?”

However, Suzy was not going to be denied and she pushed forward through the many setbacks.

Here are just a few of the things Suzy has accomplished since she joined Personal Mastery Martial Arts and I Love Kickboxing in Sandy.

Suzy has: 

  • Lost 40 Pounds
  • Went down 6 pants sizes
  • Created a healthy lifestyle
  • Feels great physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Learned skills to handle unruly children
  • Became a competitor on our competition team in power breaking and forms
  • Earned her Level 1 Tactical Black Belt
  • Will be testing for her 1st degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt in June 2014
  • Has increased her energy level and can give even more energy to her family
  • Best of all Suzy has a piece of cake almost every single day and can enjoy it without the worry of it making her fat. Yes, almost every single day!

When you see Suzy in kickboxing class, martial arts class or around town, be sure to stop and congratulate her on her many accomplishments and ask her how her life has changed for the better since getting involved in kickboxing and martial arts. She is a very kind and giving person and she just might be able to share some wisdom that could help you achieve the life of your dreams.

Suzy is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Suzy we are very proud of you!

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