29th July, 2014- Dong Guan, China – Southern China Medical University Renkang Hospital, a center for cancer research and treatment is gearing up for a Technical Interchange Conference. The institute announced that the convention will be held at Dong Guan, starting from the 30th of July to 2nd of August, 2014. To grace the occasions with profound knowledge and information, the hospital has invited two experts from different corners of the world, Dr, John Piesse, and Dr. Lynette Hill. Their participation will help to further the information and skills in the field of new and alternative treatments of cancer.
Dr. John Piesse who is from Australia is a recognized member of ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), has worked as a general practitioner for 30 years and specializes in Complimentary Nutritional Medicine. He has years of experience in treatments like Chelation Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy. Dr. Lynette Hill from New Zealand is equally qualified and has a great passion of working on the development of natural medicines for the treatment of cancer.
Renkang's director and head of the Oncology department expressed his views on the occasion saying. “The convention is aimed at understanding the alternative treatment approaches to cancer. We will take a close look on the integration of Renkang's pioneering SPDT treatment with other therapies such as Vit C, Chemo, and Immune-based. We have invited some of the brilliant minds that we have in the field of alternative cancer therapy – Dr. Piesse and Dr. Hill. Their extensive idea and experience will aid in learning the treatment in an immaculate way and will create inputs that can be implemented for further research and applications”.
Examples of successful clinical trials and medical intervention in the field of cancer is rare. It is the duty of the medical industry to try endlessly for ways that will make a disease more easily and cheaply curable. The topics of discussion in the Technical Interchange Conference will focus on the same. The conference will be a testbed for new alternative treatments and therapies.
Renkang Hospitals is a registered and certified cancer research and treatment center. It provides treatments against all kinds of cancers, especially of the lungs, prostate, mesothelioma, breast, and metastasis. Other than the mainstream treatments, the hospital also specializes in various alternative cancer treatment methods, especially SPDT.

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Renkang is one of the best and preferred locations of attaining cancer treatment. The center is known for its innovative alternative procedures of curing cancer. It has successfully treated many patients with SPDT and other alternative methods that has helped people in walking out freely from their cancer.
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