Pets' quality of life has improved dramatically within the past decade

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head of the veterinarian division at Animal Airways: "Public awareness, new products on the market and special innovations and developments within the biotech industry have extended pets average life (from 12 years average in 2000 to an average of 17 in 2010!) and have improved their quality of life significantly" 


The first decade of the 21 century has proven to be an incredibly important one for pets and of course for pet lovers according to new data contributed by Dr. Kreiner (a practicing veterinarian surgeon since 1989). Dr. Kreiner: "The first parameter that needs to be examined in relevance to pets' quality of live is the average age. My research shows that in 1999 pets leaved an average of 12 years. In 2009 the average age escalated to 17.

That’s a dramatic increase of about 35%." Dr. Kreiner sheds new light on the cause of death among pets during the previous decade: "Pets were most likely to die as result of accidents, contagious diseases and age itself. During the last decade we've noticed a dramatic improvement in pets' health and general conditions and that is mainly due to massive information available online and in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Information about nutrition, preventive treatments and vaccinations, new products that were manufactured to provide a certain "life style" for pets such as: winter clothes, sleeping bassinets, shampoos, vitamins etc.

The accessibility of information is by no doubt an important   parameter in allowing pet owners to keep their pets healthier, safer and more comfortable.  But the most significant reason way pets get to live longer and lead a more fulfilling life is due to progress in the veterinarian fields: in medical devices and medicine. The veterinarian discipline "follows" human medicine and is always one decade behind, therefore, during the previous decade we were able to recognize new trends within the veterinarian field that were invented and developed two decades ago, meaning: CT, MRI, surgeries preformed by laser technology, transplantation etc.

The fields in veterinarian medicine that have been developed and in which there were breakthroughs are: Trauma, cardiology, oncology and gynecology.  Pet owners are able to provide their pets with a better life and consequently pets live longer. Older pets receive special care in the form of specialized food, vitamins, dental items, shampoos etc. This demand creates a market and more and more manufactures have realized the potential in manufacturing products for elder pets. Pet owners are able to provide their older pets with these products and therefore their lifespan has increased dramatically creating a greater demand for "senior" pet products and medicine.

 When asked about  the future decade Dr. Kreiner does not hesitate to add that: "The veterinary field will catch up with the latest advances in human medicine  this decade meaning there will be grater progress in stem cell, implants, diagnosis of genetic abnormalities during early pregnancies stages, un-invasive surgeries etc.   For more information on pets quality of life contact:Ayala Bar – PR manager    Animal Airways Ltd.(44) 203-051-4087This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

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