(23th May, 2014, Mumbai) (http://www.ralconhealthcare.com/) :We all know eating more than enough can cause to various problems one after the other, but still people don’t stop this habit. This gives rise to unwanted calories in an individual’s body. Such food especially unhealthy foods like junk food taste good but they are low in fiber and provide high fats to the body. Such food products on which people realy mostly are fast foods and other foods where ingredients used are of low quality and cheap which are sold to the customers in higher price. Eating this kind of food products also affects the energy level of a person because it contains less protein and doesn’t contain enough nutrients that a person needs to stay fit and health. Junk food or any unhealthy food like Chinese dishes; foods like pizza, burgers, frankies; and even cold drinks that contains large proportion of acid ingredients, sugar, soda are all harmful for the health. This can cause health problems such as- blood pressure problems, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.
Eating such kind of unhealthy foods in large quantity give rise to many other problems, as the cholesterol level in the body keeps on increasing. Even the metabolism of an individual body is affected because such junk foods which contain high proportion of sugar can put the metabolism in stress due to increase in blood sugar levels. Those people who eat junk foods can make him feel uncomfortable and removes the interest to burn the calories by doing exercise. By eating such kind of unhealthy foods or eating too much can lack oxygen in a person’s body and make him feel fatigued and grumpy.
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