One Person’s Incredible Journey of Turning Adversity into Self Fulfillment.

Meet Anissa Berriochoa. Anissa started taking kickboxing classes in May of 2012. Anissa originally started class because she was overweight, out of energy, wanted to meet some friends, and most importantly wanted to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

When Anissa started kickboxing her body fat percentage was a little over 28% and she weighed 180 pounds. Anissa had tried kickboxing previously at Gold’s Gym and although she liked the class, she wanted more of a challenge. She found that challenge at I Love Kickboxing in Sandy.

When you ask her she will tell you that Kickboxing sparked her love for fitness.

One thing that is absolutely incredible is before starting kickboxing Anissa was diagnosed with Crohns disease.  According to Web MD - Crohns disease is, “a lifelong inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Parts of the digestive system get swollen and have deep sores called ulcers. Crohns disease usually is found in the last part of the small intestine and the first part of the large intestine. One of the big side effects is that it makes it very difficult for your body to properly digest food thereby making it very difficult to lose body fat and increase muscle mass.”

When most people would give up and be willing to settle for their current situation, Anissa has shown indomitable personal fortitude and a personal commitment to excellence. These are traits that truly set her apart from the average person and make her such an inspiration to others.

Anissa has made an incredible personal transformation in spite of adversity and achieved almost every goal she set for herself:

A sample of Anissa's accomplishments include...

-Cut over 10% off of her body fat percentage

-Lost over 40 pounds of fat

-Put on close to 10 pounds of muscle

-Made a tremendous number of friends

-She made a career choice and became a kickboxing instructor 

-She teaches a monthly nutrition seminar

-Posts weekly recipes to help clients improve their lives

-Helps clients in need with personal nutrition programs

-And much more!

It’s safe to say that with the help of kickboxing Anissa has made an incredible personal transformation and is now helping others do the same. We are very proud of her for everything she has accomplished. When you see Anissa be sure to stop her and ask her about her incredible transformation. She will be more than willing to help you with your personal challenges and give you encouragement to reach your goals.

Keep up the great work Anissa we are all very proud of you!

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