Bangalore, India, 13th June 2014 -OCPD occurs usually with-in the family and social system where one goes through the experience of hurt, injustice, exploitation, in order to survive person begins to build their own defensive mechanism. Taking negative experiences as only reality and with slightest hint of such reality coming in front of them, they goes defensive.

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorderhappens to people who for some reason are not being able to experience that they are being loved and having strong survival instinct, they turn aloof in non-trusting manner working towards reclaiming their crushed identity.

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder is a very complex form of disorder where various aspects of emotions are at play. Complexity comes from the fact that patient feels he/she is absolutely right and requires no treatment. LOVE and hope heals however obsessiveness and compulsiveness needs to be broken with proper treatment process.

It is very common form of disorders in low intensity among all of us. The need to protect “hurt” by building a defense mechanism is common feature. It remains dormant in all of us most of the time unless something triggers the same hurt and that is where it can turn into OCPD disorder as a desperate attempt to set the things right.


In their research and treatment, it is not considered as a serious kind of disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder treatment is rather easy.


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NV Life established in 2009, our vision is to help you realize the science which governs your life and make you aware how various aspects of your life and the environment you grew up in, has contributed in giving you the suffering you are going through. Hence we are coming out with simple processes and techniques which will help you reverse your disorders and help you transform from sufferings to abundance of living.


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