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Vitamin K, hesperidin and chrysin work to help reduce dark bruise-like discolorations and puffiness around the eyes.  Innovative light refracting pearls brighten and illuminate the eye area to provide instant results.  In independent consumer evaluations, 94 percent of 36 women said their eyes looked brighter and the skin around their eyes felt firmer after just 10 minutes.  Even more impressive, 100 percent said the skin around their eyes felt more moisturized 10 minutes after application.  The results get even better with time.  After four weeks, 89 percent saw reduction in dark circles, 97 percent noticed reduction in wrinkles and 89 percent noticed reduction in puffiness. “Our eye cream is a high-performing powerful eye brightener and line fighter that de-puffs and unwrinkles while beautifying the delicate eye area,” said Dr. Louise Peck, PhD and founder of HydroPeptide. 

“Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are something all of us have, or will experience in our lifetime.  This is a struggle for many women, but HydroPeptide Eye works fast and keeps providing ageless results.” HydroPeptide Eye Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Concentrate will relax, nourish, stimulate, hydrate and protect skin addressing many aspects of the Simply Ageless Skin Key.  The Simply Ageless Skin Key is a stress free guide to looking ageless.  The founder of HydroPeptide, Dr. Louise Peck, believes anti-aging products must tackle each aspect to effectively counter-act aging.  HydroPeptide simplifies life by addressing as many elements as possible in as few steps as possible. Go to hydropeptide.com to learn more. HydroPeptide Eye Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Concentrate is available in prestige retail locations nationwide and at hydropeptide.com. HydroPeptide Eye is .68 ounces and retails for $60.  Paraben free.  Phthlate free.  Formulated for all skin types.  Not tested on animals. About HydroPeptide

HydroPeptide takes the most advanced, scientifically proven skin care elements and simplifies your beauty routine with the Simply Ageless Skin Key, giving you a complete map to beautiful, healthy, ageless skin.  The multifaceted HydroPeptide takes the hassle out of your already hectic and complicated life.  Whatever your skin type and whatever your concern, HydroPeptide supplies the latest high-tech vital ingredient technologies that deliver youthful, healthy skin.

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