Following a Sunny Economic Growth, Sun Laboratories, Inc. Sizzles

Sun Laboratories is the leader in the sunless tanning industry with its innovative, creative sunless tanning methods.
While the economy remains in a slow growth pattern, for Sun Laboratories, Inc.,a self-tanning products manufacturer, the sky is the limit.

Beauty articles and images of bronzed models adorning the shores, combined with concern over skin damage, this industry is anticipating a growth of 18.1% in 2014. As CNN Money reports, "While the manufacturing and sales figures remain small in comparison, $609 million in revenue and over 2,500 jobs"; this is plenty to warrant the attention of any business critic.

UV-free tanning has risen in popularity for the past several decades, given the obvious concerns of the Sun's damaging rays. While even the most well known tanning spas boast a risk-free skin glow, the fact remains there there is some degree of skin damage from prolonged use. As reported by Eliza Brooke of Fashionista, "After years of nagging from dermatologists, more and more people are getting the message that UV rays are bad. They are now turning to sunless tan products to satisfy their bronzing desires. This year has already seen a considerable increase in revenue from sunless tanners putting it on track to see significant increases by the end of the year."

Today, it is possible to get the natural looking "kissed by the sun" glow we all envy in a safe and private regime applied in the privacy of your own home.

Founded by Gisela Hunter, Sun Laboratories, based in Chatsworth, CA, has remained a forerunner in sunless tan products for decades because of their innovative research and development of the most highly acclaimed ingredients on the market today. Their products include:

* Tanning lotions

* Airbrush tan kits

* Tanning sprays

* Face tanners

* Tan accelerators

* Body lotions

A complete list of products, uses and retailers is available at

While the above list of products have proven to be the mainstay for self-tanning enthusiasts,consistently earning five-star reviews from consumers as well as reviewers, Sun Laboratories has been equally successful in the development of a fresh line of products including tanning equipment and teeth whitening systems.

With Summer quickly approaching and the country preparing for the annual treks to the shores and donning the lastest skin revealing fashions, there appears to be plenty of reason to keep a watchful eye on this company as new products continually emerge on the self-tanning market shelves.

It has been a remarkable transformation for a product that once inspired snickers over orange skinned giddy schoolgirls. Spray tans and self-tanning lotions continue to be perfected as evidenced by the celebrities who now flock to expensive spas on a quest to achieve that fashion statement glow sans any of the negative long-term effects. In a culture where youth remains prevalent at any age, this industry is poised to stay in the game.

Sun Laboratory products are not available in stores; with their unique blend of only the finest ingredients and essential oils, they may only be purchased on-line at the Sun Laboratories website and through

The Sunless Tanning skin products, Sun Laboratories features are in high demand by outdoor enthusiasts; a testament to their high levels of quality and affordability.

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