Announce New Partnership with The Protein Works was created in July 2014 with a single goal of providing ways for the UK consumer to save money on their fitness related purchases.


They found it incredible that the current providers required users to sign up to receive a discount card and would often have to wait for weeks before being able to take advantage of any discount codes. Some providers even went as far as to charge consumers for this service which should in fact be free.


With this in mind, the team at Fitness Discount Codes, comprised of health enthusiasts and athletes, decided to make a change and provide a simple way of giving users access to discount codes within seconds. They currently provide voucher codes for some of the leading UK fitness brands so that you can save money on a variety of supplements, accessories, gym clothing and equipment.


Within just 2 weeks of their launch they have already amassed over 1000 followers on Twitter and other social media as well as visitors to their website.


A spokesperson for them had to this to say:-


“We have been extremely happy by the response of the UK gym community to the service we provide via our website and social media accounts. This just proves what we already knew, that there is a demand for a simple and hassle free way to save money on supplements at a time when households may be a little pressed for money.”


The website was initially launched to provide discount and voucher codes for the supplement brand Myprotein however with the success of the initial launch they plan on expanding their offerings to the other large UK fitness brands.


It was announced this week that they have formed a new agreement with the UK supplements brand, The Protein Works. This will allow them to provide discount and voucher codes on their website allowing users to save money on their purchases with them.


The Protein Works was formed in 2012 by some of the ex-directors of the supplement giant, Myprotein. Since then they have grown at an alarming rate having established themselves as the 2nd largest supplement company in the UK with a very large social media following. This massive growth has been somewhat fuelled by their excellent high quality products and their innovative build your own supplement feature.

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