Cochlear launches its new Nucleus® Profile™ implant series

New unit is the first in the Profile series that has the thinnest implant body on the market today

June 17, 2014

Cochlear Limited, the market-leading in implantable hearing solutions developer, has announced the recent release of its Cochlear™ Nucleus® Profile™ series internationally. The Cochlear Nucleus Profile implant with the Contour Advance® electrode (CI512) is the first in the Profile series launched by the company. The Profile Series has the thinnest implant body on the market and will be the platform for Cochlear’s next generation of implants.

The Profile with Contour Advance electrode is an improved version of CI500 series of implants. The new product was approved by TÜV Rheinland, a global technical, safety and certification services provider, after the company relocated and built a new production process at its Macquarie University facility. Cochlear will introduce more Profile series implants with different electrodes in the coming months.

Richard Brook, President, EMEA & Latin America, Cochlear Ltd, said: “We have successfully expanded what is already the industry’s largest cochlear implant portfolio, with the launching of C1512. Our latest product supports a wider range of surgical techniques among implanting surgeons, giving them and their patients the greatest possible choice.”

Cochlear Limited invented the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant over 30 years ago. The company conducts extensive research and development on hearing products and has made breakthroughs in developing world-class hearing solutions. Together with the support of the well-developed healthcare sector in the region and particularly in the UAE in Dubai Health Care City, Cochlear aims to make a difference in the life of every person with hearing disabilities.

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