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Jellyfishes don’t have brains, blood, bones and heart. They possess only the most elementary nervous system. Their body is comprised of the following organs: Bell, Canals, Muscles, Eyespot, Tentacles, Gonads, Gut, Mouth and Oral Arm with Stinging Cells. In absence of blood, 95% of the body fluid is only water in jellyfish.                The presence of a most elementary nervous system as well as a rudimentary organ system does not provide hindrance to its deadliest nature. A person stung by a Box Jellyfish can find him or her to be dead in 3 minutes of time. A 100 foot long tentacle may dangle from the Lion’s Mane Jelly. The sting of the jellyfish can be compared to the pain of lightning strike or a collective prick on the skin by 1000 needles. A single jellyfish (in terms of number) is capable of releasing approx 45,000 eggs daily. In absence of bones and specalised organs for movement, jellyfish moves with the flow of current, sometimes being carried by thousands of miles. Jellyfish are of the following 10 varieties: Aequorea Victoria, Australian Box Jellyfish, Rhopilema Esculentum, Bathykorus Bouilloini, Costa Rican Jellyfish, Flower Hat Jellyfish, Foot Long Tentacles Jellyfish, Moon Jellyfish, Normura’s Jellyfish and Phialella Zoppai.   About BudgetInfographics BudgetInfographics has remained the trusted name in designing infographics, content research, distribution and press release for quite a long time. With a team of experienced professionals in this domain, their aim is to provide the best in the market. Please contact them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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