Al Hilal Bank to commence special ‘Jood Bil Khair’ campaign for Ramadan 2014

Television appearance, major social media & donation drives planned for the Holy Month

June 25, 2014

Al Hilal Bank, a progressive Abu Dhabi –based Islamic bank, has announced that it will be conducting a special ‘Jood Bil Khair’ (‘do good’) campaign this coming Ramadan. Among the highlights of the campaign is a partnership with Shaabiat Al Cartoon, a popular Emirati animated TV show.

This Ramadan, Al Hilal Bank will organize a special initiative that will match one (1) dirham with each public post or hashtag at its social media network as well as shared videos related to the campaign. The total amount will be transferred from a special ‘Al Hilal Charity’ account to over 10 charities across the country.

‘Jood Bil Khair’ is one of four main pillars of Al Hilal Bank’s Ramadan 2014 initiatives which will also emphasize Joy, Health and Religion. These reflect the bank’s belief in the upcoming Holy Season as a sacred period of giving, praying, family and well-being. Al Hilal Bank’s social media content will touch on these key messages throughout this year’s observance of Ramadan.

Under the partnership agreement with Shaabiat Al Cartoon, the 10th episode to be shown during the Ramadan season will prominently feature Al Hilal Bank. It will tell the story of how ‘Afary,’ the lead female character, will teach her brother, ‘Mohair,’ the advantages of saving money in a bank (through an Al Hilal Seghaar account) rather than just keeping it at home. A contest to be held on social media afterwards will award prizes to participants who correctly answer questions about the special episode.

Shaabiat Al Cartoon portrays the lives of a rural community in Dubai via humorous and engaging situations. It is presented by Fanar Productions, a company that expresses Emirati heritage and values across the multi-cultural population of the UAE and the region through the computer-generated television series.

“We at Al Hilal Bank always come up with unique ways to complement the spirit of giving and genuine compassion that Ramadan embodies. This year we have a unique opportunity to send across Al Hilal Bank’s message to a broader audience through one of the country’s popular television shows. As in everything else we do, our passion for community works during Ramadan and throughout the year reflects the sense of social responsibility, innovation, and excellence that has differentiated us in our industry,” said Mohammed Jamil Berro, Group CEO, Al Hilal Bank.

Al Hilal Bank is noted for exceptional initiatives that have become models for Corporate Social Responsibility in the country and across the region. Last Ramadan, the bank managed to collect a considerable sum from its ‘Art of Donation’ campaign which collected smiles using special machines and converted them to cash for distribution to various charities.

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