Lifestyle of people in the country has dramatically enhanced and people are going behind extravagant luxuries. All this can be attributed to the rise in incomes and proliferation of working class people in masses. However, this has led to a phenomenon where lot of stuff is bought these days on installment basis and nothing is actually being ‘bought in wholesome’. While the ownership of a possession on the whole gives a great satisfaction, the prevailing conditions of people aren’t letting them buy anything at one go. On the flipside, finance planning experts claim that it is possible to purchase commodities (be it assets, items, what not?) if there’s some smart financial planning that exists in the brains of the common people. It also becomes easy to save one’s self from the horror of ending up paying multi-folded amounts of money in the form of interest if installment procedure is adopted to buy stuff. However, the eye-opening truth about being smart when it comes to finances is on an exponential rise across the working class sections in the world. People have started to realize the importance of saving money to purchase things in bulk than in bits and pieces. Bottom line is the world has to save itself from the horror of chaotic finances, must get organized and more money should be backed!
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