Five more luxury sedans to be won under bank’s annual savings promotion

Disability income insurance is known to be one of the best premiums that you can ever find because this type of insurance is known to guarantee you some of the best premiums........
GC Capital Funding specializes in making unsecured business loans to companies with poor or limited credit.

Investment is fourth in the region and first in the UAE

Many of us have that recurring nightmare of being in Accounting 101 class in college on the last day of the term for the first time — and it happens to be final-exam day! You suddenly wake up sweating and panicking and realize you have never been that good in your own financial accounting. You feel like the unfaithful servant to whom the master says, “Give an account of yourself!

FAAIF expresses vision for its Islamic finance and banking and legal consultancy in the United Kingdom.
Inmo web crm is an interface that makes it easier to stay updated with all the latest developments in the real estate sector.
Award reinforces Al Ansari Exchange reputation as one of the most highly trusted, leading remittance and foreign exchange service provider in the UAE
Banking and Payments Research Digest H1 2014 finds that the banking and payments markets are struggling to deal with the after effects of the downturn and the disruptive effects of technology. Recent research in the banking sector shows European banks are still recovering from the financial downturn, threatened by shadow banks and Fintechs, and attempting to redefine the role of the branch. The cards and payments market is a little more positive according to the latest research, with electronic payments continuing to overtake cash and cheque and strong growth particularly in in Africa and South America. However, here too there are disruptive changes, with the impact of mobile payments, and non-bank prepaid cards threatening the traditional business model in many areas.
Some highlights from the Digest include:
• Customers give negative feedback on retail banks in 2013
• Internet, ATM And Branch The Most Popular Banking Channels
• Key priorities for Banking Customers Remain the Same
• Gift Cards Growing Fast In The US
• SMS-Based And Near-Field Communications-Based Transactions To Grow Rapidly In Asia
• African Governments Attempting to Increase the Banked Population
About Banking and Payments Research Digest
The Banking and Payments Research Digest is a digest of all the most important research in the retail banking, cards and payments industry each quarter, gathered from over 50 sources including associations, consultants, market intelligence companies, investment banks, and industry participants. It covers the banking and cards and payments industries globally.
Updated quarterly, the Digest allows you to:
• Quickly update yourself on the latest research findings, gathered and organised for you.
• Get our Expert Analysts’ perspectives on the latest research.
• Link through to the original research to review or purchase.
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The Business Research Company
Banking and Investments Research Digest is a product of The Business Research Company, a research consultancy which excels in company, market and consumer research on financial services globally. We use advanced secondary and investigative primary research techniques to find business critical information. Typical projects include helping clients find new customers, understand competitors and analyse markets.
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‘Forsan Al Khair’ team brings joy & hope to children & elderly across the country
The successful Value Investing Mastery Class (VIMC) developed by was first conducted in January 2014.
PAY.ON AG, a world-leading operator of Web-based and omnichannel payment infrastructure services, has extended its Executive Board to include a third member. Tobias Schweiger has been appointed COO and CFO.

The commitment to local philanthropy is a defining characteristic of this group

As a Silver Sponsor, company extends support to handicap people in line with its CSR program   

A former banker from Germany who holds high ticket seminars on binary trading is practically giving away his unique binary....

Fund to enable development of enhanced facilities in providing multi-disciplinary programs for Special needs children

US Capital Partners, LLC has put in place small-business financing to support a Florida-based franchisee of one of the top five fastest-growing restaurant chains in the United States.

Over 7,000food packets to be distributed in labor camps across seven emirates

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