One of the heading loan audit administration suppliers, CEIS normally is locked in with Banks and Credit Unions to accept their current loan misfortune reserve procedure. The procedure includes CEIS checking on the current loan misfortune reserve approach for conformance to administrative rules, sensibility in securing the reserve designations, and the comparing fitting proclamations in the bank's loan strategy.

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Global rating agency affirms Issuer Default Ratings of progressive Islamic bank during peer review of UAE banking sector

Speculation is rife that one of the leading financial services companies in Hong Kong is in serious trouble with unsecured trades leaving it over extended and dangerously close to going under.

PR release from UniMedia LLC Hong Kong June 25, 2014 --- Hong Kong’s investment community is today abuzz with rumors that a major institution in its ranks has left itself seriously over extended following a series of high risk and unsecured trades that have been executed over the last few months. The trades which went against the company are believed to have involved a number of high profile IPOs both in China and the United States as well a number of high risk derivatives.

Though speculation of financial and accounting irregularities concerning certain investments are being mentioned by a number of well placed sources, no formal allegation of wrong doing has been registered with regulators, nor has any company been positively identified as the one in question, though this has not stopped some from describing the company as a well known offshore financial services company that caters to clients both in China as well as the Asia Pacific region.

With the significant downturn of the IPO market in Hong Kong this year, the list of potentially suspect companies is not as short as many might well wish it to be, with a number of institutions based here reportedly seeking additional external financing at this time, though given the description of the supposed company, one name at the top of most lists is that of Abney Associates, a well known presence in Hong Kong which is known to have had a difficult time over the last twelve months.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a source employed at the financial services company was willing to say that they had lost significantly on a series of recent trades, though a firm figure was yet to be calculated and that approaches were underway to secure funding to shore up the firm in the short term. No official statement from Abney Associates has been forthcoming at this time and requests for additional information regarding the financial health of Abney Associates have been declined by the company’s representatives.


Investment is fifth in the region

“Your Emirates ID... Your New Debit Card” program offers first Identity Card -enabled ATM services in the UAE

Discount Motorcycle Insurance has kept its database current for 2014, and has announced another update to coverage rates by leading providers in the state of Texas.
Regal Assets is an official Gold IRA Company which offers all kinds of information about investment in different kinds of physical metals.

Roelf Barnard Professional Accountants (SA)based in Randburg, Gauteng with its highly experienced professionals provides quality accounting solutions to its clients.The company provides financial services to both small and medium enterprises.

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It never hurts to find ways of reducing your energy consumption in order to save and help the environment as well. 

Five more luxury sedans to be won under bank’s annual savings promotion

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GC Capital Funding specializes in making unsecured business loans to companies with poor or limited credit.

Investment is fourth in the region and first in the UAE

Many of us have that recurring nightmare of being in Accounting 101 class in college on the last day of the term for the first time — and it happens to be final-exam day! You suddenly wake up sweating and panicking and realize you have never been that good in your own financial accounting. You feel like the unfaithful servant to whom the master says, “Give an account of yourself!

FAAIF expresses vision for its Islamic finance and banking and legal consultancy in the United Kingdom.
Inmo web crm is an interface that makes it easier to stay updated with all the latest developments in the real estate sector.

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