April 29, 2014 - World’s Last Chance is already one of the Internet’s most vibrant and inspiring Biblical forums for inspiration, guidance, and sacred knowledge. Faithful believers need to access this strength sometimes when they are away from their computers. So, what can they do?
The WLC Video App is available for free download from the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and from the Google Play Store and the Opera Mobile Store for Android Smartphones and tablets. The WLC Video App is the ideal mobile solution for all followers of Yahuwah. (If you cannot access any of these platforms, please contact WLC App Support for the Application.)
The WLC Video App needs Wi-Fi or Internet access to download any of the WLC videos but once downloaded, they can be watched at any time that is convenient for the user. When Wi-Fi is available, they can even be streamed by the App. The App automatically updates whenever new videos are released and downloaded videos can be removed whenever the user wants.
Recently updated to version 1.0.12, the newest upgrades have improved the WLC Video App user experience even further. As if this wasn’t enough, users downloading the free App will also qualify for free membership gifts when joining the www.worldslastchance.com website!
Many users from all over the world are downloading the WLC Video App and experiencing Yahuwah’s glory today. One such user, Joshua R. said: “Inspiring faith. An extra hand in seeking out the Lord is always helpful. This App does just that”. Praise His Name.
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