[UAE, April 27, 2014] - The UAE Ministry of Education successfully will host today (Monday 28 April 2014) the preliminary round of the girls swimming championship for the 2nd School Olympics. The event will be held at the RAK Educational Swimming Pool Hall, included the participation of 72 female students from the 9 to 12 year-old range; coming from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and East Sharjah. The girls swimming championship featured categories like the 25-meter freestyle competitions, 25 meters back and the 4 × 25-meter freestyle.

Supervised by Amina Al-Sakab, Head of Environment and School Activities Department, Ras Al Khaimah Educational District, said: “The project is a ‘dream’ event that is expected to teach our young athletes on the importance of practicing excellent sportsmanship and honing their ability to compete with the strongest-preparing them to win Olympic International medals in the future. Our students at Ras Al Khaimah are steady and ready for contributing in the success of the swimming championships.”

Sumaya Abdullah Harib Al Suwaidi, Director of Ras Al Khaimah Educational District, stressed on the significance of the School Olympics, a program that was implemented across the public school sector last year. She noted that the program is one of the most important initiatives that began with the blessing and the embodiment of the government vision and was made even stronger with the MoE’s support for the project.

Al Suwaidi said: “The School Olympics program is considered to be one of the pioneering initiatives that we hope to achieve positive results in the regional and international sports forums. The first edition of the School Olympics held last year, saw successful efforts of all those who worked in terms of organization and supervision of the project, especially in light of the circumstances that accompanied the launch of the Olympics.”

Meanwhile, the Boys swimming championship will kick off on Tuesday (April 29, 2014) in Dubai Educational Zone and will be hosted by Al Wasl Sports Club. The Boys category will include 25 meters freestyle, 25 meters back and relay 4 × 25 meters.

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